More Data is Better: What Crash and Claims Data Can Tell You About Driver Behavior

When statisticians and data scientists are exploring data in search of wisdom, they will tell you that the more data you have on a topic, the better your results will be.

Item Response Theory is Superior to CSA in Crash Correlation

IRT is a more accurate tool for identifying high risk carriers.

Considerations for FMCSA Crash Preventability Program

The Pilot Crash Preventability Program will be made permanent with modifications.

How To Optimize and Enforce Your Safety Policy

Every single day, there are more than 16,000 car accidents in the United States alone. In half of them, someone suffers an […]

SambaSafety continues its focus on the FAST Act with a visit from Senator Cory Gardner to our Denver HQ

As part of our ATA-organized visit to select Congressional leaders involved in trucking safety regulation, key members of our Executive […]

Introducing Qorta

SambaSafety’s Qorta provides access to critical driver information, turning data into action that makes roads and communities safer. What Is Qorta™? […]

Q Transportation Launch

Today marks the launch date of SambaSafety’s newest product, Q Transportation. Ironically, last Wednesday’s Subcommittee on Highways and Transit hearing […]

Driver in commercial truck hands on the wheel

The State of the CSA Score: IRT and Facing the Future – Fully Informed

In the dozen years that I have been involved in the Trucking Industry, I have met many amazing people and […]

2019 Truckload Carriers Association Annual Conference

SambaSafety is proud to be here in force as one of your Allied partners.  We’re exhibiting, presenting, and sponsoring at what […]