Line of different big rigs semi trucks standing in row on the twilight truck stop parking lot with turned on lanterns on poles waiting for morning to continue the schedule delivery route

Why Truck Driver Appreciation Week Extends Year-Round at SambaSafety

During National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we wanted to take a moment to thank the heroes either part of or managing a fleet in unpredictable times.

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Professional middle aged truck driver in casual clothes driving truck vehicle going for a long transportation route delivering goods to the market. Transportation services.

Think You Know the Real COVID-19 Violation Data Story?

Hear from Steve Bryan EVP & GM, Transportation, SambaSafety, & Daniel Murray, SVP, ATRI, about the reality of violation data during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How to Win with Public Relations Efforts in Transportation

Read the Transportation Brief recap & hear Steve Bryan speak with Susan Fall, Launchit PR, as they dove into how image increases involvement & advocacy.

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SUV car driving on a winding road with bright colored trees

How to Run an Effective Law Enforcement Program During a Pandemic

Learn why law enforcements role has transformed during the pandemic with Steve Bryan and guest Mark Savage, CO State Patrol on the Transportation Brief.

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business professional typing on computer and inputting information into programs

Why Artificial Intelligence Beats the Human Brain

Learn more about this week’s Transportation Brief with Steve Bryan, who discussed AI as a valuable tool transforming past data into actionable insight.

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man driving truck with hands on the wheel during dusk or dawn

Definitive Proof That 2020 is the Year of the Hero Trucker

The hero trucker isn’t a made up nickname, but the moniker given to all in the transportation industry. Read more on why 2020 is the year of the trucker.

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commercial trucking vehicle on road driving off into sunset or sunrise

How Connectivity Could Save Your Maintenance Schedule

Learn further about the importance of trucking maintenance and how the age-old practice has been reimagined with technology during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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commercial vehicle on rural roadway driving through countryside

Mistakes That the Favorably Insured Never Make

Listen to or read the on-demand recap of the Transportation Brief, highlighting top-of-mind issues and concerns surrounding insurance and transportation.

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commercial vehicle on rural roadway during sunrise or sunset

To the Recruiter Who Will Settle for Nothing Less than Reliability

Discover how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted transportation recruiting, retention and caused a resurgence of appreciaton aimed toward truckers.

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