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Navigating Perilous Roads: The Most Dangerous States to Drive In

With 50 to choose from, is there really a most dangerous state? In this article, we explore some of the most dangerous areas American fleet drivers face and share our tips to travel with confidence.  

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6 Tips for Establishing a Successful Driver Safety Incentive Program

Driver safety incentive programs are a win-win for companies and drivers alike. Here are six things fleet managers should know.

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How the Right Technology Can Bolster Your Driver Retention Strategy

Driver safety solutions offer a multitude of benefits that extend far beyond proactive fleet management. In fact, when leveraged correctly, they can be invaluable tools for driver retention. Here’s how. 

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4 Important Tools to Consider for Successful Fleet Safety Management

With the right technology, your team can revolutionize the way you identify and mitigate driver risk across your fleet. Discover four must-have tools that will elevate your company's risk management strategy.

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Which Month Experiences the Most Crashes, and How Does it Impact Your Company’s Drivers?

Do you know which month of the year experiences the highest incidence of crashes? It's not when you would expect. Here's when you need to be on high alert.

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MVRs & Canadian Driving Records: Alternatives for Ensuring Driver Eligibility and Enforcing Compliance Across Borders

Ensure cross-border driver eligibility, fleet safety and compliance with this cost-effective alternative to ordering Canadian driving records and MVRs.

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The Hidden Dangers of Stoned Driving Across Your Company’s Fleet

In this blog, we explore why driving high can be more dangerous than driving drunk and offer advice for companies looking to ensure fleet safety and employee accountability. 

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WEBINAR: Expert Tips for Creating a Weather-Proof Winter Safety Plan

As poor weather conditions heighten risks on roads, don't let your fleet face the frost unprepared this winter. Our experts share vital steps to help you and your drivers safeguard your fleet through the winter months and beyond.

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MVR Reports for Employers: Break Away From Traditional Review Processes

Manual MVR pulls are popular yet outdated when it comes to identifying company driver risk. Learn how leading companies are bypassing the headache of this tedious process with MVR monitoring.

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