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Uncovered Exposure: Why Relying on an Annual MVR Review is Risky Business

Far beyond the administrative burden of infrequent manual MVR pulls is the costly issue of hidden driver risk that it creates – increasing the potential of future crashes and expensive claims. This exposure in turn increases the cost of companies' commercial auto premiums, as insurers need to charge more to profitably insure them.

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The Surprising Danger Lurking in Your Business: Hired and Non-Owned Liability

Discover which drivers fall into the category of hired non-owned liability, common myths about this group and the different ways they cause unmitigated risk for your company.

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[WEBINAR] Insider Tips: How Your Company Can Predict and PREVENT Crashes

As the world returns to post-COVID normalcy, common behaviors such as speeding, impairment, distracted driving and more have all increased at staggering rates. Here's how you can reduce up to 94% of all crashes.

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7 Ways to Avoid Becoming Part of Intersection Crash Statistics

Intersection crashes are common and leave your company open to risk. Learn how to protect your employee drivers as well as company through our top tips.

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4 Strategies to Prevent Fleet Distracted Driving and Refocus Your Team on the Road

Fleet distracted driving is a serious issue that continues to grow despite combative efforts put in place by law enforcement and companies alike. Understanding not only the present state of distracted driving but also the need to prevent it could save your company more than just money - it could save lives.

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The Basics: MVR Records for Employers, Explained

There's an immense amount of information on motor vehicle records, so where do you start? Learn the basics about motor vehicle records from SambaSafety.

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How Can Risk & Safety Professionals Reduce the Impact of Fleet Distracted Driving?

It's estimated that four out of every five crashes involve some form of distracted driving. With such a potential for crashes, fleet managers need to reduce the associated risk to keep drivers safe, limit the impact on fleet insurance and protect brand and company reputations.

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Insightful Indicators: Connecting the Dots Between Distracted Driving Violations and Crashes

Discover the top distracted driving violations of 2022 and how they can help fleet managers predict and prevent employee-involved crashes. 

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PODCAST: SambaSafety CPO Rich Lacey Discusses Increasing Safety, Compliance and Profit on Background Check Radio

In the episode, the three industry leaders cover a wide range of topics concerning background screeners and consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) – from the history of the industry to the current state and emerging trends. Listen here.

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