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Why Your Company Needs a Better Driver Risk Management Solution

Coming up with a driver risk management strategy fit for your company can be daunting. Beat the brain freeze & learn about what works (and what doesn’t).

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National Safety Month: Our Commitment to Driver Safety

In light of National Safety Month, we want to share our company’s commitment to safety and why the work we do here is so important.

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Driver Error: The Most Common Cause of Vehicle Crashes

We cover the top three most common driving behaviors that safety managers need to be on the lookout for when it comes to establishing a clear safety policy, monitoring violations and implementing effective driver training.

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4 Important Components of a Fleet Safety Program

We explore reasons why your fleet safety program may have gaps, as well as the strategies you can implement to fill them.

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California Employer Pull Notice (EPNs) Now Easier to Manage in Qorta

The EPN is a California-only license monitoring requirement for employers to review drivers' licenses in a very specific format to ensure they have a valid license and have not lost driving privileges.

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You Aren’t Doing Enough If You’re Relying on Pre-Employment MVR Checks

Many companies don’t realize is that an infrequent practice of checking MVRs that actually puts your company at risk.  

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How Monitoring Violations Can Reduce Distracted Driving in Your Fleet

Violations provide specific insight into who in your fleet could be engaging in distracted driving. Many distracted driving violations are also an indication that a driver is more likely to be involved in a crash within the next year.

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New Qorta Feature Streamlines FCRA Compliance Paperwork and Driver Monitoring Enrollment

We are always innovating to ensure each of our products provides enterprise-level convenience.

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WEBINAR: Back to Basics – MVRs and Driver Monitoring

As the roads become more dangerous, all stakeholders – drivers, companies, government departments, insurance carriers and brokers – need to do their part in helping make our country’s transportation system a safer place. This is where pulling, analyzing and acting on MVR data plays a crucial role.

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