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6 Tips for Creating a Corporate Driver Safety Program that You Can Feel Confident In

An effective corporate driver safety program should be proactive and comprehensive, but many state guidelines only cover the bare minimum. We walk you through the six critical components you should include when building your fleet safety policy.

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How Fleet Violations Can Predict and Prevent Crashes and Expensive Claims

Our study showcases how fleet violations can predict future crashes, helping companies establish and maintain more targeted fleet risk management strategies.

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Your Driving Policy for Employees Needs These 8 Key Components

A driver safety policy is your way of communicating and enforcing driver responsibilities to those employed at your company. Whether you already have an established policy, or you’re drafting one for the first time, effective policies must contain these critical components.

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Winter Driving Safety: How Fleets Can Combat Seasonal Statistics

We've gathered a list of important winter driving statistics, as well as ways companies can strategize to ensure their fleets have the knowledge, resources and skills to combat the risks this winter. 

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How Do OSHA Safety Standards Affect Your Driver Safety Program?

We provide a high-level overview of the mission and role OSHA plays in mitigating workplace risk, as well as how these standards apply to your fleet’s driver safety program.

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17 Ways to Lower Commercial Auto Premiums

While many policyholders are shopping around with the hope of landing lower insurance rates, this solution may not be beneficial in the long term. The answer instead lies in companies' ability to gain control of their risk.

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3 Driver Risk Management Tips to Decrease Crashes and Claims

The cost of auto insurance claims is only expected to rise. Discover driver risk management tips for spotting risky driving behavior before costly claims occur.

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WEBINAR: 6 Steps to Implement a Comprehensive Driver Safety Program

In our webinar, we dive into the importance of establishing a strong safety culture in 2023 and beyond. To do so, companies must ensure they have a comprehensive driver safety program in place. 

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Change Management 101: 5 Steps for Implementing New Driver Safety Solutions

We discuss the five fundamental steps of successful change management that companies must consider as they implement new driver safety systems and technologies.

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