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What Every Safety-Minded Pro Needs to Know About Hired and Non-Owned Auto Risk

Hired/non-owned drivers are one of the most overlooked driver populations across companies. Discover common myths surrounding these drivers, examples of situations where companies are likely liable and what they can do to protect their business from this hidden risk.

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7 Ways to Avoid Becoming Part of Intersection Crash Statistics

Intersection crashes are common and leave your company open to risk. Learn how to protect your employee drivers as well as company through our top tips.

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What Fleet Safety Managers Need to Know about Major vs. Minor Traffic Violations

Learn about traffic violations, the difference between major and minor traffic violations and how they inform tolerated risk for companies like yours.

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4 Strategies to Prevent Fleet Distracted Driving and Refocus Your Team on the Road

Fleet distracted driving is a serious issue that continues to grow despite combative efforts put in place by law enforcement and companies alike. Understanding not only the present state of distracted driving but also the need to prevent it could save your company more than just money - it could save lives.

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The Basics: MVR Records for Employers, Explained

There's an immense amount of information on motor vehicle records, so where do you start? Learn the basics about motor vehicle records from SambaSafety.

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Roadways at Risk This Week with Higher Daylight Savings Car Crashes

With more studies coming out in recent years, many are expressing their disapproval of daylight saving time. The disruption of daily routines has been tied to negative health effects such as higher rates of strokes and heart attacks. But what is most concerning in our industry is in the increase of crashes.

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Winter Driving Safety: How Fleets Can Combat Seasonal Statistics

We've gathered a list of important winter driving statistics, as well as ways companies can strategize to ensure their fleets have the knowledge, resources and skills to combat the risks this winter. 

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Winter Driving & Safety Tips for Fleets: Fuel Efficiency

Discover why fuel economy is lower during the winter months, as well as tips for company fleet drivers on how to better preserve fuel in colder temperatures. 

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How Do OSHA Safety Standards Affect Your Driver Safety Program?

We provide a high-level overview of the mission and role OSHA plays in mitigating workplace risk, as well as how these standards apply to your fleet’s driver safety program.

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