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Why Your Company Needs a Better Driver Risk Management Solution

Coming up with a driver risk management strategy fit for your company can be daunting. Beat the brain freeze & learn about what works (and what doesn’t).

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4 Important Components of a Fleet Safety Program

We explore reasons why your fleet safety program may have gaps, as well as the strategies you can implement to fill them.

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WEBINAR: Overcoming the Driver Shortage – How to Hire and Onboard Safer Drivers

In our webinar, our team of experts provides valuable insight into how hiring managers can establish a solid onboarding strategy to both expand your hiring pool and improve your driver retention rates. 

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California Employer Pull Notice (EPNs) Now Easier to Manage in Qorta

The EPN is a California-only license monitoring requirement for employers to review drivers' licenses in a very specific format to ensure they have a valid license and have not lost driving privileges.

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Truck Driver Safety: Daily Safety Messages for Fleets

It’s crucial for companies to promote a culture of safety and nurture good driving habits among their fleet. Safety managers can do this by sending out frequent safety messages to their truck drivers.  

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How to Prevent Road Rage Among Your Drivers

Commercial drivers can easily fall victim to road rage, especially if companies aren't utilizing driver training to combat it. Learn how fleets can reduce road rage.

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WEBINAR: Leverage Driver Risk Data to Reduce Losses and Claims

It's a tough climate for the commercial auto insurance industry, as carriers and brokers struggle with ever-rising combined ratios. In our webinar, we explore the multitude of benefits that Portfolio Insight and Qorta offer to insurance carriers, brokers and their clients.

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What Safety Managers Need to Know About Major vs. Minor Traffic Violations

Learn about traffic violations, the difference between major and minor traffic violations and how they inform tolerated risk for companies like yours.

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How the Right Onboarding Strategy Can Help Businesses Lower Insurance Costs for Fleets

By now you’ve experienced first-hand how much gas prices have skyrocketed this year. But have you shopped around for or renewed an auto insurance policy recently?

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