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Everything Fleet Managers Need to Know About Entry-Level Driver Training

ELDT is looming, coming February 2022. As a fleet manager, are you prepared & understand what this means for your new drivers not yet equipped with CDLs?

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How to Bypass the Headache From Traditional MVR Reports for Employers

Manual MVR pulls are popular yet antiquated in measuring company driver risk. Learn how to bypass the headache of manual MVR pulls with driver monitoring.

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Why Tanker Truck Safety Is Integral in Stopping Rollovers

Successful fleet risk management only works if you know the root of the problem. Learn why tanker rollovers are on the rise & how to combat such a trend.

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7 Ways to Avoid Becoming Part of Intersection Crash Statistics

Intersection crashes are common and leave your company open to risk. Learn how to protect your employee drivers as well as company through our top tips.

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The Basics: MVR Records for Employers, Explained

There's an immense amount of information on motor vehicle records, so where do you start? Learn the basics about motor vehicle records from SambaSafety.

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How Electronic Signatures Can Help Create an Airtight Driver Safety Policy

As a safety professional, you know driver digital signatures are important. Learn why signatures create an airtight driver safety policy for your company.

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Everything to Know About DMV Status Updates During the Pandemic

Download our detailed spreadsheet created by the SambaSafety Government Relations team focused on providing the most recent DMV updates, revised monthly.

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How to Create a Safety Culture at Your Company in 6 Steps

Are you looking to enhance safety in your organization? Learn how you can utilize company drivers to create a workplace culture of safety in 6 steps.

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How to Prevent Distracted Driving with Four Tips

Whether considering personal or commercial drivers, distracted driving is an immense problem. Learn how to prevent distracted driving with our four tips.

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