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Engaging Your Insurance Consumers in the Digital Age

With the need for more data, blazing operational speeds and automation everywhere you turn, how are you keeping your customers engaged and involved in their insurance journey?

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17 Ways to Lower Commercial Auto Premiums

While many policyholders are shopping around with the hope of landing lower insurance rates, this solution may not be beneficial in the long term. The answer instead lies in companies' ability to gain control of their risk.

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A Bird’s-Eye View of the Insurance Customer Experience

Any step forward is progress in insurance. Discover three things that any size insurance entity can implement to improve their CX.

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How Can Insurers Overcome Change Management Challenges?

Change is inevitable and necessary in the insurance space. But if you’re like a majority of insurers, you may be wondering: how does one gain buy-in from the entire group in the name of innovation?

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Change Management 101: 5 Steps for Implementing New Driver Safety Solutions

We discuss the five fundamental steps of successful change management that companies must consider as they implement new driver safety systems and technologies.

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How Can Insurers Profitably Harness Auto Insurance Data?

With the multitude of insurance data and insights available to insurers (and more options becoming available daily), how are auto insurers harnessing all of their data in an effective and profitable manner?

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Use Fleet Data to Prove You’re a Lower Auto Insurance Risk for Commercial Carriers

How can commercial fleet operators better use their own fleet data to show their risk profile situation and improvement to their insurers? And, by so doing secure better insurance rates?

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Insurtech Innovations: Is There Such Thing as Too Much Data?

New insurtech innovations are solving various inefficiencies that hinder the insurance industry – many requiring access to more driver data. How much data is too much?

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Hiring and Retaining New Talent in Insurance for 2022

Despite lofty hiring goals, insurers are finding it harder than ever to attain talent. With the whirlwind of a new digital age, it begs the question: what does hiring (and retaining) new talent look like in 2022?

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