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SambaSafety Now Offering License Validation for California Drivers

Our comprehensive insurance software, Volta, is the only solution on the market to offer License Validation in the state of California. Our License Validation services now include 39 states and counting.

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4 Cost-Cutting Tips for Commercial Auto Insurance Buyers

As inflation and the number of insurance claims continue to rise, many expect commercial auto insurance rates to follow suit. If your company is on the hunt for a better rate, you may need to reconsider your strategy.

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National Safety Month: Our Commitment to Driver Safety

In light of National Safety Month, we want to share our company’s commitment to safety and why the work we do here is so important.

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Common Auto Insurance Industry Challenges that Personal Carriers Face

It’s challenging to establish a profitable business as a carrier in the auto insurance space. Countless factors come into play that can either help or hinder your profits and overall success.

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Millions of Drivers Lie to Auto Insurers for Lower Rates

A recent study conducted in 2021 by Finder found that 38.5 million Americans lie to insurers for lower auto rates. This is equal to about 14% of the American population!

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WEBINAR: Leverage Driver Risk Data to Reduce Losses and Claims

It's a tough climate for the commercial auto insurance industry, as carriers and brokers struggle with ever-rising combined ratios. In our webinar, we explore the multitude of benefits that Portfolio Insight and Qorta offer to insurance carriers, brokers and their clients.

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Pay Attention, Carriers: One of the Most Commonly Seen Rate Evasion Tactics

Carriers don’t have to sacrifice accuracy for an enhanced customer experience. Learn how carriers can validate risk & conquer a common rate evasion tactic.

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How to Boost Commercial Auto Combined Ratios with Driver Monitoring

Commercial auto carriers are consistently working to maintain profits. Learn why suggesting driver monitoring to customers can directly benefit carriers.

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How These 7 Commercial Insurance Trends Can Impact Carriers & Employers

Learn why employers & commercial auto carriers need to know the latest trends like more frequent auto incidents, worsening employer legal exposure & more.

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