vehicles on roadway at night or dusk speeding long exposure photo

Why Less Driving Means Increased Speeding

With fewer drivers on the road, how has there been an increase in deadly car crashes? Learn why speeding has played a large role in increased fatalities.

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A Complete Guide To DMV Responses to COVID-19

Many states are adjust DMV operations in response to COVID-19. Remain in the know and learn more on how these state-by-state changes can impact drivers.

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MVR state to state information text overlaid on blue background with United States

Quick Guide: Motor Vehicle Records

There's a slew of information on motor vehicle records, varying by different factors. Learn the basic motor vehicle record information from SambaSafety.

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driver on road behind the wheel of vehicle with hand on wheel

How To Completely Change Your Risk Management Strategy

While optimistic to view all drivers as responsible, oftentimes that's not the case. Learn about the importance of safe drivers and their benefit to all.

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blue background with text that says "the benefits of haptic and autonomous vehicles"

Beginner’s Guide: Haptic Feedback in Autonomous Vehicles

Learn what the future of driving and haptic feedback looks like as we move closer to a future with autonomous vehicles,driven by technological advances.

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illustration of two carts crashing at intersection

How To End Intersection Crashes

What makes intersection crashes so common and yet so dangerous? Better yet, what steps can you take to avoid becoming part of a larger crash statistic?

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fatigued women driving with hand on head and steering wheel

Facts About Driving Fatigued

We all know that driving under the influence is dangerous irresponsible and illegal. Consider and learn more on the dagners of driving while fatigued.

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business man driving big truck expressing happiness with smile

How To Completely Change Driver Happiness

Employee health, happiness, productivity and stress mitigation are important. How do you do this for drivers while taking steps to ensure they're happy?

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illustration of computer with money signs and red exclamation point analyzing driver

Signs You May Have Risky Drivers

Cost associated with insufficient driver monitoring can impact your bottom line. Do you know how much your riskiest drivers could end up costing you?

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