driver on road behind the wheel of vehicle with hand on wheel

How Successful Driver Risk Management Programs Avoid High-Risk Drivers

While optimistic to view all drivers as responsible, that’s not always the case. Learn about the importance of safe drivers for company risk management.

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fatigued women driving with hand on head and steering wheel

What No One Tells You About Driving Fatigued

We know driving under the influence is unsafe. Have you thought about the dangers of driving while drowsy? Learn how you can combat fatigue while driving.

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Black female boss leading corporate multiracial team meeting talking to diverse businesspeople, african american woman executive discussing project plan at group briefing in boardroom

Why Prepared Professionals Love Distracted Driving Awareness Month

As Distracted Driving Awareness Month begins, SambaSafety understands & works every day to ensure that these efforts stem beyond just April. Learn how.

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Busy intersection in a downtown metropolitan area

The Most Effective Ways to End Intersection Crashes

What makes intersection collisions common and dangerous? Learn about the steps you can take keep your drivers from becoming part of a larger statistic.

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Woman looking through some files

The Beginner’s Guide to Motor Vehicle Records

There's an immense amount of information on motor vehicle records, so where do you start? Learn the basics about motor vehicle records from SambaSafety.

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Businesswoman sitting at table opposite laptop in work

How to Quickly Identify Your Riskiest Drivers

Having less than the best MVR monitoring can impact more than just your bottom line. Do you know how much your riskiest drivers could end up costing you?

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View of Los Angeles rush hour traffic

Beginners Guide to Minor Vs. Major Violations

Minor vs. major driving violations cost your company. Learn about the difference between the two violations & the solution that gives you visibility.

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Woman on phone behind the wheel of car speaking on cell phone engaging in distracted driving efforts

How to Combat Distracted Driving in an Unpredictable World Like a Pro

As we start Distracted Driving Awareness Month 2020, learn why it's clear that in an unpredictable world, managing controlled risk is integral & important.

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Small narrow road leading into The Valley of Fire State Park.

More Dangerous vs. Safer Roadways: Which Is It?

As people get back to driving, there are many factors contributing to whether or not roadways are safe. Find out if roads are becoming more or less safe.

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