Stay Up-to-Date on How DMVs are Responding to COVID-19

Many states are adjusting DMV operations in response to COVID-19. It’s important to remain in-the-know on these changes as they can impact your drivers.

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What’s An MVR And Do I Need To Check Mine?

There's a variety of information on motor vehicle records (MVRs) to sift through and it’s hard to know what matters. Learn the MVR basics from SambaSafety.

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Safe Drivers Impact Your Company’s Risk Management Strategy

It’s much easier to view everyone behind the wheel as a safe, low-risk driver. Learn the importance of safe drivers and their benefits to all on the road.

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blue background with text that says "the benefits of haptic and autonomous vehicles"

The Role Haptic Feedback Plays in Autonomous Vehicles

There was a time when things like self-driving cars only lived in dreams. As we barrel to a future with autonomous trucks, it’s fueled by technological advances making drivers safer.

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illustration of two carts crashing at intersection

Why Are Half Of Crashes In Intersections?

There are many factors to intersection-related crashes. Learn why driving through one can increase the likelihood of your getting in a crash.

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fatigued women driving with hand on head and steering wheel

The Dangers Of Driving Fatigued

Fatigued driving — better known as “drowsy driving” — is more common than drunk driving and can be equally dangerous.

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business man driving big truck expressing happiness with smile

Why Driver Happiness is Important

For the sake of employee health, happiness and productivity, keeping stress to a minimum is important. How does this apply to drivers and better yet, how do you keep your drivers happy?

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illustration of computer with money signs and red exclamation point analyzing driver

How Much Do Your Riskiest Drivers Really Cost?

The 8 key benefits of continuous driver monitoring.

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illustration of male driving car with calendar in background and text that says "part 2: into the future"

Driver Safety Throughout The Years – Part Two

Where did we leave off? Oh yes – when looking at the impact that safety measures such as the modernization […]

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