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Enhancing Commercial Auto: The Essential Telematics Playbook

Insurers that make the appropriate investments in telematics will reap significant benefits and gain greater stability than their competitors. In this blog, we explore value and potential challenges of using telematics in the commercial auto space.

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Navigating Telematics Deployment Methods: A Decision-Maker’s Guide for Commercial Carriers

As carriers prepare to scale, they often expand the program to support multiple providers and devices. That’s where they must consider the options of supporting those integrations in-house or partnering with a telematics aggregator. This guide aims to shed light on the nuances of both approaches

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17 Ways to Lower Commercial Auto and Fleet Insurance Premiums

While many policyholders are shopping around with the hope of landing lower insurance rates, this solution may not be beneficial in the long term. The answer instead lies in companies' ability to gain control of their risk.

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New Tools for Driver Risk Management and Mitigation 

Several recent updates to our telematics, online driver training and license monitoring features make acting on risk easier than ever before. Here's how we're reshaping driver safety.

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How the Right Technology Can Bolster Your Driver Retention Strategy

Driver safety solutions offer a multitude of benefits that extend far beyond proactive fleet management. In fact, when leveraged correctly, they can be invaluable tools for driver retention. Here’s how. 

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4 Important Tools to Consider for Successful Fleet Safety Management

With the right technology, your team can revolutionize the way you identify and mitigate driver risk across your fleet. Discover four must-have tools that will elevate your company's risk management strategy.

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Nat Alliance NOW Risk & Insurance Podcast with John Barbagallo: The Evolution and Future Impact of Telematics

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of telematics, the changing face of insurance and the survey findings.

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WEBINAR: Expert Tips for Creating a Weather-Proof Winter Safety Plan

As poor weather conditions heighten risks on roads, don't let your fleet face the frost unprepared this winter. Our experts share vital steps to help you and your drivers safeguard your fleet through the winter months and beyond.

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How Carriers Can Leverage Telematics Pricing Models to Transform Insurance Programs

With the right data, Behavior-Based Insurance (BBI) programs can enhance risk assessment accuracy and promote safer driving practices across fleets. Here's how carriers can leverage telematics pricing models to better personalize these programs.

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