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How Can Companies Maximize the Value of Their Telematics Data?

Telematics data provides a wealth of information, all of which works to promote effective and efficient fleet management. We discuss the exclusive benefits and insights that telematics data can deliver – from cost savings and driving customer loyalty to increasing fleet safety.

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FNOL and Telematics Data Management: Why Speed and Accuracy Matter

Fast, accurate FNOL is critical to fleet managers, companies and insurers. The faster they can react to an incident, the better chance they have of keeping costs under control.

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How Telematics Data Helps Commercial Auto Insurers Reduce Costs and Claims

By implementing proactive strategies, commercial auto carriers can lower their cost of business, not to mention the costs of underwriting and risk management. To achieve this, carriers must leverage their policyholders' telematics data.

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What Is Telematics Data Aggregation?

Learn why telematics data aggregation services are becoming a key facilitator for transport managers, fleet managers, insurers and risk managers seeking to make the best use of the big data that their telematics systems are generating.

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How is Technology Changing Fleet Management?

We examine how 5G networks, wearable tech, advanced telematics, augmented reality, mobility as a service and electronic vehicles are all set to impact fleet management in the coming decade.

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How Can Fleet Managers Reduce the Impact of Distracted Driving?

It's estimated that four out of every five crashes involve some form of distracted driving. With such a potential for crashes, fleet managers need to reduce the associated risk to keep drivers safe, limit the impact on fleet insurance and protect brand and company reputations.

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17 Ways to Lower Commercial Auto Premiums

While many policyholders are shopping around with the hope of landing lower insurance rates, this solution may not be beneficial in the long term. The answer instead lies in companies' ability to gain control of their risk.

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5 Steps for Using Your Telematics and Other Fleet Safety Data Effectively

The amount of data available for fleet safety management can be an issue in and of itself. However, there are steps companies can take to ensure that data is fully utilized and significant advances in fleet safety management can be better achieved.

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Data Normalization: Solving Big Data Issues for Fleet Risk Management

Understanding what data normalization is and knowing why it's important to fleet risk management gives companies a real advantage in both valuing and utilizing the big data they are already gathering.

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