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WEBINAR: Expert Tips for Creating a Weather-Proof Winter Safety Plan

As poor weather conditions heighten risks on roads, don't let your fleet face the frost unprepared this winter. Our experts share vital steps to help you and your drivers safeguard your fleet through the winter months and beyond.

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How Carriers Can Leverage Telematics Pricing Models to Transform Insurance Programs

With the right data, Behavior-Based Insurance (BBI) programs can enhance risk assessment accuracy and promote safer driving practices across fleets. Here's how carriers can leverage telematics pricing models to better personalize these programs.

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Charting New Routes: Insights for Commercial Auto Telematics Success

When leveraged correctly, commercial auto telematics data can transform your approach to insurance pricing models. These four techniques will help you stay competitive in an increasingly complex market.

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Telematics vs. Connected Vehicles: Unraveling the Differences in Modern Automobile Technology

In this blog, we explore the key differences between telematics and connected vehicles, shedding light on some of their functionalities, benefits and how they can work together.  

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7 Keys Steps for Choosing the Right Fleet Safety Software for Your Business

The safety of your drivers and fleet is paramount. Discover how to choose the right fleet safety management software to streamline your operations, improve compliance and reduce risks.

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[WEBINAR] Insider Tips: How Your Company Can Predict and PREVENT Crashes

As the world returns to post-COVID normalcy, common behaviors such as speeding, impairment, distracted driving and more have all increased at staggering rates. Here's how you can reduce up to 94% of all crashes.

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How Commercial Auto Insurers Are Operationalizing Telematics Data

By implementing proactive strategies, commercial auto carriers can lower their cost of business, not to mention the costs of underwriting and risk management. Discover how carriers can achieve this by leveraging their policyholders' telematics data.

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How Can Risk & Safety Professionals Reduce the Impact of Fleet Distracted Driving?

It's estimated that four out of every five crashes involve some form of distracted driving. With such a potential for crashes, fleet managers need to reduce the associated risk to keep drivers safe, limit the impact on fleet insurance and protect brand and company reputations.

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19 Quick Tips for Selecting a Telematics Solution for Your Fleet to Maximize ROI

There are hundreds of telematics providers to choose from – locally, nationally and internationally. So how do you know where to get the right balance of hardware, software, service and support to maximize the return on investment for your fleet?  

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