Semi truck with cargo trailer drive on road in green grass field with water at sunset, aerial drone view. Car with motion blur effect. Transportation background

Reflections & What’s Next For Steve Bryan [Interview]

Hear from Steve Bryan as he reflects on his past three and a half years at SambaSafety, transportation growth, his accomplishments & what’s next for him.

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commercial trucking vehicle and trucking heading downhill on steep road in mountains

Sharp CSA Data Decline? Here’s How to Overcome It Quickly

Although the future isn't easily predicted, dive deeper to learn how to overcome the rapid CSA data decline seen beginning early March 2020.

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commercial trucking vehicle going downhill at dusk

The Impact of Less CSA Data on the FMCSA Data Repository

Learn more from Steve Bryan, Vice President and General Manager, Transportation, as he explains further why the FMCSA is running on empty with CSA data.

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roadside workers working in construction work zone with safety gear on

How to Prevent Struck-By Injuries with Vigillance [Interview]

Hear from CO Department of Transportation's Mark Semonisck, as he provides insight on how we can prevent struck by injuries and ensure occupational safety.

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Important Decision By the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

Read on about the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals' decision surrounding the important standalone disclosure requirement under the FCRA.

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Why the Performance Dashboard Changes Driver Monitoring [Interview]

Hear from Rich Lacey as he provides thoughts from the top surrounding SambaSafety's gamechanging newest feature offering, the Performance Dashboard.

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An In-Depth Guide on DMV Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many states are adjust DMV operations in response to COVID-19. Remain in the know and learn more on how these state-by-state changes can impact drivers.

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pie charts analyzing difference in drivers and costs

Want to Rid Yourself Of Unforeseen Risk? Now You Can!

Hear from John Diana, Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel, as he answers whether you're better off knowing or not knowing about high-risk drivers.

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