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5 Winter Driving Safety Tips for Employees

Winter weather presents a huge risk to fleet safety, creating added dangers and stress for employee drivers. This alongside the rise in risky driving behavior year after year creates a greater potential for employee-involved crashes.

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Does Your Winter Safety Program Include Driver Injury Prevention? 

Most fleets train drivers on how to handle their vehicles in winter weather, but many don’t realize that drivers are more likely to slip on an icy sidewalk, trip on a curb hidden by snow or pull a muscle than collide with another vehicle.

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Are You a Winter Driving Safety Expert? Try Our Quiz

How well do you know winter driving safety? Try our 10 question, multiple-choice winter safety quiz. Test your knowledge and pick up useful stats you can share with drivers.

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ELDT 101: Satisfying Class B CDL Training Requirements

We've recently added a multitude of new courses to our Entry-Level Driver Training platform that satisfy the theory portion of ELDT requirements for Class B regulations.

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How Winter Driver Safety Training Improves Driver Retention

Learn what causes driver burnout, which drivers are most susceptible and why winter driver safety training is an effective driver retention strategy.

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Winter Driving Safety Reminders for Employees During the Hectic Holiday Season

As your team is pushed to the limit during this hectic time, reminding them about winter safety best practices should be at the top of your to-do list. We explore how winter driving safety tips for employees are a simple way to keep safety top-of-mind and protect your workforce this winter.

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How the Snowplow Driver Shortage Affects Fleets this Winter

For three straight years, snowplow drivers have been in high demand across the entire country. These shortages mean that the roads will go unplowed longer, making them even riskier for your fleet drivers. 

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Navigate the Holidays with These Winter Driving Safety Courses for Fleets

From bad weather and road conditions to an increase in holiday traffic and theft – it's critical for company drivers to prioritize the safety of themselves, those they share the road with and the cargo that they are transporting to ensure they make it to their destination safely. 

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Winter Driving Safety: How Fleets Can Combat Seasonal Statistics

We've gathered a list of important winter driving statistics, as well as ways companies can strategize to ensure their fleets have the knowledge, resources and skills to combat the risks this winter. 

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