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Rev Up Your Fleet’s Safety with These 7 Must-Have Defensive Driving Training Topics

Implementing proper training is crucial for the success of businesses that manage fleets. Does your driver training program cover these seven defensive driving topics?

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[WEBINAR] Insider Tips: How Your Company Can Predict and PREVENT Crashes

As the world returns to post-COVID normalcy, common behaviors such as speeding, impairment, distracted driving and more have all increased at staggering rates. Here's how you can reduce up to 94% of all crashes.

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The Cost of Distractions: Why Distracted Driving Prevention Training Is Worth the Investment

Companies need to combat the rising trend of distracted drivers out on the road – to protect the community and prevent huge, unplanned costs that affect fleets.

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4 Strategies to Prevent Fleet Distracted Driving and Refocus Your Team on the Road

Fleet distracted driving is a serious issue that continues to grow despite combative efforts put in place by law enforcement and companies alike. Understanding not only the present state of distracted driving but also the need to prevent it could save your company more than just money - it could save lives.

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How Can Risk & Safety Professionals Reduce the Impact of Fleet Distracted Driving?

It's estimated that four out of every five crashes involve some form of distracted driving. With such a potential for crashes, fleet managers need to reduce the associated risk to keep drivers safe, limit the impact on fleet insurance and protect brand and company reputations.

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Does Your Fleet’s Driver Training Program Cover These 3 Critical Topics?

On average, fleets that implement monthly driver training experience 50% fewer violations than their less-trained peers. Want to make sure your training program is as effective as possible? Add these three critical components to your company driver training policy to minimize risk and maximize savings.

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CMV Winter Driving Tips: The Importance of Having a Winter Pre-Trip Checklist

Using the same pre-trip inspection checklist year-round is an expensive mistake. Slick roads and holiday stress make winter the most challenging time of year for drivers. Help your team adopt a winter safety mindset by giving them a pre-trip checklist tailored to the specific hazards of winter driving.

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6 Tips for Creating a Corporate Driver Safety Program that You Can Feel Confident In

An effective corporate driver safety program should be proactive and comprehensive, but many state guidelines only cover the bare minimum. We walk you through the six critical components you should include when building your fleet safety policy.

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Do Your Fleet Drivers Know How to Put Tire Chains on Safely?

Whether you manage a fleet of commercial vehicles, supervise delivery drivers or oversee a mobile sales force, all your drivers should have the knowledge — and confidence — to quickly and safely install tire chains.

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