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Do Your Drivers Know How to Put Tire Chains on Safely?

Do your drivers have the knowledge and tools to put chains on? Some employees are reluctant because they don't have adequate skills or mistakenly think 4WD or all-wheel drive is enough.

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How Good Is Your Winter Driving Safety Policy?

A thorough winter driving safety policy can help your fleet avoid delays and incidents. Learn what topics to cover and download a free template.

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5 (Scary) Driver Injury Statistics Every Fleet Manager Should See

Slips, trips and falls are the most common driver injury, and the average cost is $36,000-$47,000 per incident. Download a free slip and fall injury prevention poster.

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5 Reasons Liftgate Incidents Cost More Than You May Realize

Is your fleet underestimating the true cost of liftgate incidents? Uncover the truth and learn four liftgate injury prevention strategies that cost next to nothing.

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Don’t Wait for ELDT 2022: Train New Drivers Now

The horrific Humboldt bus crash is a potent reminder why fleets shouldn't wait until Feb 2022 to implement ELDT curriculum. FMCSA-approved online training is a turnkey way to enhance safety and minimize risk.

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WEBINAR: Why Bottom-Line Leaders Invest in Winter Incident Prevention

The most hazardous time of year is nearly upon us. The time when slippery roads and bad visibility magnify every mistake. If you don’t have a plan to reduce collisions and injuries this winter, we have a plan to help you prepare.

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Driver Fatigue: Stats Show Drowsy Driving Is as Dangerous as Drunk Driving

Did you know drowsy drivers are just as dangerous as drunk drivers? Read insightful stats and tips to help drivers recognize and manage fatigue.

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Debunking the Most Common Myth of Sleep Deprivation and Driver Fatigue

Many people believe their bodies can adapt to chronic sleep loss. Some even think working long shifts on little sleep is a sign of toughness. But recent research by the National Institute of Health (NIH) proves the opposite is true. Missing just two to three hours of sleep creates the same impairment as being legally drunk. The study also mentions the most terrifying phrase we’ve heard in a while, “involuntary microsleeps.”

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Does Your Fleet Have a Winter Safety Training Plan?

How much did your fleet spend on winter weather incidents last year? Probably more than you’d like. The average cost of a single fleet vehicle crash is $70,000. When you factor in that icy pavement causes over 150,000 annual crashes, the numbers add up fast.

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