Forget Telematics, Try Continuous Driver Monitoring

Continuous driver monitoring tells you who exactly is behind the wheel of a company  vehicle and whether or not they should be driving based on your safety policy. Since telematics tell you what that the driver is doing only when the in-car device is turned on and, having continuous driver monitoring in place alongside a previously implemented telematics program closes the visibility gap many companies are suffering from.

Continuous Driver Monitoring Is A Worthy Investment

Of the many companies SambaSafety has worked with, making previous investments in training, telematics, incentive programs and even cameras, after all of that technology and administrative work, those companies lacked  understanding into driver behavior that wasn’t necessarily being tracked in the moment. It is clear that there are lapses in the information desired versus actually received by companies who employ only telematics, one of the many reasons why continuous driver monitoring is beneficial and game-changing for many businesses.

According to Ted Merriman, Director of Safety & Risk Management, Cox Communications, “we want to understand driver history and current driver behavior, and we can do so with continuous monitoring and telematics. It will never be about not having technologies to choose from, but it’s about choosing the right ones.”

When looking to bolster your safety policy, there is an inherent cost benefit analysis that takes place in implementing new tools and technologies. You are able to benefit exponentially according to transportation-focused law firm Scopelitis if your company can show a direct correlation to an increase in driver safety through the use of telematics alongside continuous driver monitoring, whether an insurance underwriting or liability perspective.

Using the Two Together

When marrying telematics with continuous driver monitoring, companies gain a full 360-degree view into driver behavior. Long gone are the days of maintaining inside-the-car technologies, relying on self-reporting and keeping faith that employees will notify the appropriate parties when violating a safety policy. Continuous driver monitoring can elevate your driver safety and truly tell you who your riskiest drivers are, giving you actionable insights.

To learn more about why continuous driver monitoring matters, download our white paper.