What’s the Impact of a Personal Driving Violation on Someone’s CSA Score?

We know that, if you are in the commercial trucking space, you are aware of what a Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) score is. But even the most well-versed in the commercial trucking industry may not know what directly impacts a CSA score.

The background

Simply put, a CSA score itself is points given for a driver’s performance and safety violations across an amalgamation of the appropriately abbreviated BASICs, meaning Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, known by the nomenclature FMCSA, launched CSA scores and subsequently the CSA methodology to improve the overall safety of those commercially licensed drivers while in tandem holding drivers and carriers responsible for safe driving practices.

To answer one of the most commonly asked questions we at SambaSafety receive – do citations received that can be found on an MVR affect a driver’s CSA score?

The answer

No, tickets or warnings that drivers receive while operating their personal vehicles are considered state citations and don’t impact your CSA score in any way. Although you may be breathing a sigh of relief right now, it’s important to stress that you may not be seeing the whole picture of your drivers at hand.

Why this matters

While you may see the picture-perfect view of your commercially licensed driver based off their spotless CSA score, there may also be things you are unaware of. What you aren’t seeing are the violations incurred on personal time, which can oftentimes be entirely too detrimental to a fleet.

Consider the consequences of a driver as well who receives some sort of violation on their personal motor vehicle record (MVR) but not found in their CSA score. A DUI off the clock can be just as detrimental to your fleet for a multitude of reasons. One of the most ever-present? The legal concept of negligent entrustment, which finds you liable for the off the clock actions of an employee you have deemed safe to drive.

What you can do

It’s not worthwhile to leave your risk mitigation up to chance. Although you may be satisfied with your commercially licensed driver CSA scores that make up your fleet, take a peek into how their MVRs look with the help of a commercial truck risk management software like continuous driver monitoring, which will alert you any time someone receives a negative violation, whether from a CSA or MVR perspective.

To find out more on why continuous driver monitoring matters, download our white paper.