More Dangerous vs. Safer Roadways: Which Is It?

There are a variety of factors that contribute to whether or not a roadway can be deemed inherently safe.

Pair that alongside the huge reduction in travel across the board that we have seen, and you may be asking yourself, are the roads becoming more or less dangerous? We saw that, even with stay at home orders extending across multiple states in the beginning of 2020, that the roads were seemingly a free for all.

Why was that?

With a large number of the traffic on the roads being atypical, it seems that the pandemic has made the roads less safe for those choosing to drive.

One of the biggest causes of increasingly dangerous roadways, specifically when those stay at home orders were implemented, according to Business Insider, was speeding over 100 mph. Pairing that with other notable concerns, including dangerous driving and what cars should and should not be on the roads, you’re left with a unique situation of more unsafe behavior during a global pandemic.

But as more people continue getting back out on the roads and get antsy to explore, make sure that your best defensive driving techniques are on display. As cars will be the preferred method of travel for the foreseeable future, it feels more pertinent than ever to remember the behavior of those on the road when not many were occupying the same space.

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