The Best Shortcut to State DMV Responses as COVID-19 Continues Evolving

Although many aspects of life have regained some semblance of normalcy, state DMVs remain impacted by COVID-19 and are not yet back to operating normally.

What to expect

It’s important to know what to expect in your state as some DMVs are open and running during limited hours while others are closed. Our Government Relations team remains hard at work compiling updates from each state on a weekly basis to share with you, allowing you to bypass any painstaking research on your DMV status.

Main themes

Some of the main themes we’re seeing across the country include:

  • The operating status of field offices across the country progressing from complete closure to limited hours and transaction processing by appointment.
  • DMVs providing extensions for driver’s license and license plate renewals up to 180 days.
  • Some jurisdictions, rather than setting a hard date for extensions to expire, state that the extension will last for a number of days following the expiration of that jurisdiction’s executive order.

While every state has different policies in place regarding office hours, grace periods and late fees, it remains important to keep a close eye on what your state’s DMV is doing to ensure your employees remain in compliance.

Simply download our document and continue checking back in on a weekly basis to ensure you have the latest and greatest information.