Leading the Driver Violation Data Market with Expanded State Footprint

As the market leader in driver monitoring and mobility risk data solutions, we at SambaSafety have expanded our insurance state footprint to cover 80 percent of United States licensed drivers, positioning ourselves as the leading provider of driver violation data for the insurance industry.

Developed specifically for the insurance industry, our Volta solution delivers unprecedented data insight to price driver risk at each stage of the policy lifecycle. Leveraging composite driver violation data in real-time with Volta, insurance professionals can immediately assess and price risk with higher accuracy, greater speed, and more savings than ever before.

The expanded footprint provides our customers with more states in which to derive the benefits of Volta and delivers a more complete violation prefill solution for use at quote. By using the system’s violation indicators to determine if a driver has activity, as well as violation detail reports as an alternative to state MVRs, insurers can easily identify drivers with violations from those with clean MVRs.

“We are excited to continue expanding our reach by adding seven new states to Volta’s footprint,” states Rich Lacey, Chief Product Officer. “This data is critical in helping insurers reduce premium leakage and accelerate the underwriting process without sacrificing its integrity.”

This expansion continues to support our product mission of helping insurers make better, faster risk underwriting decisions and more accurate policy pricing decisions at quote, issue and renewal. The Volta platform also helps insurers reduce their overall operating expenses, as well as streamline the customer application and policy management process.

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