SambaSafety’s Culture of Teamwork, Impact & Accountability

Typically, when you think of company-wide pillars, it’s a set of expectations that employees hold themselves to. At SambaSafety, we don’t just hold our employees to our three pillars. Instead, we hold all that we do against them – whether launching a new product, working with current customers to solve an issue or an immense undertaking for something such as onboarding, our three pillars live within our every action.


We choose to work cross-collaboratively at SambaSafety. Once again, this doesn’t just end at our employees. When we look at the relationships made state-to-state and throughout North America as a whole, getting our customers the right information at the right time requires an immense amount of teamwork, typically through DMV relationships.


The numbers don’t lie. With continuous driver monitoring from SambaSafety, you can see a 22 percent reduction in monthly violations and ensure that only those who belong on the road are behind the wheel. Not only does that create impact, but that information within itself is incredibly impactful when making the case for implementing continuous driver monitoring.


If something does not go right or there is a missing feature or functionality a customer may be seeing, we want to know and hold ourselves to the highest levels of accountability. By continuing to listen to our customers, prospects and employees, we keep SambaSafety as a whole accountable. With continuous driver monitoring, you can rest assured that you are holding your drivers accountable as well.