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SambaSafety’s Fourth Socially Distant Sprinter Raises Over $1,500

We held our fourth Socially Distant Sprinter benefitting GLSEN. Learn how the support and dedication of our athletes and sponsors helped raise over $1,500.

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Why a Lack of Safety Policy Adoption is Hurting You and Your Business [Webinar]

Hear from SambaSafety’s John Diana & Brenden Macy as well as Shannon Cohen, Scopelitis, and what a comprehensive safety policy can mean for your company.

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Why Your Safety Policy Gets Ignored [Webinar]

Demystifying your safety policy is important when looking to adopt one. Learn why it’s not enough to just have a written policy & that enforcement matters.

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How to Use Autonomy to Your Advantage During a Global Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues evolving, learn about the ways that you can manage your driver risk through the help of continuous driver monitoring.

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Is Lack of Driver Data Affecting Your Ability to Reduce Risk? [Webinar]

Learn more from industry leaders in our Marketplace Risk webinar recap surrounding how to leverage driver data to further effectively mitigate risk.

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How to Use a Data First Business Approach to Stand Out [Webinar]

Learn more about highlights from SambaSafety and Equifax’s webinar surrounding the Benefits of a Data First Business Approach During Uncertain Times.

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How to Change Your Commercial Auto Carrier Profitibility [Podcast]

Hear from Chief Marketing Officer Eric Waldinger as he speaks to challenges faced every day by commercial lines insurers, including combined ratios.

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How to Turn Distance Into Hope Through Virtual Fundraising Efforts

Learn more on SambaSafety's 3rd Socially Distant Sprinter success, with fundraising efforts for the NAACP by employees and company generating over $5,000.

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Sharp CSA Data Decline? Here’s How to Overcome It Quickly

Although the future isn't easily predicted, dive deeper to learn how to overcome the rapid CSA data decline seen beginning early March 2020.

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