Safe Drivers Impact Your Company’s Risk Management Strategy

It’s much easier to view everyone behind the wheel as a safe, low-risk driver. Learn the importance of safe drivers and their benefits to all on the road.

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SambaSafety’s Culture of Teamwork, Impact & Accountability

At SambaSafety, we don’t just hold our employees to our three pillars, but ensure that all they do stacks up to impact, teamwork and accountability.

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Why SambaSafety’s Mission Matters To Everyone

SambaSafety isn’t just working toward transforming data into actionable insight. The company is also working to keep roadways safe for all.

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illustrations of variety of different cars spread out

Why We At SambaSafety Are Different From The Competition

SambaSafety is the leader in driver monitoring. Learn what differentiates SambaSafety from the competition and why we are not just an MVR business.

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International Roadcheck 2020 By Steve Bryan

Hear from SambaSafety's Steve Bryan on the yearly three-day blitzkrieg of vehicle inspections from the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement called Roadcheck.

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We Are SambaSafety – It’s Nice To Meet You

SambaSafety is focused on saving lives while making businesses inherently better. Find out what drives us forward in pursuing our mission to save lives

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blue background with text that says "the benefits of haptic and autonomous vehicles"

The Role Haptic Feedback Plays in Autonomous Vehicles

There was a time when things like self-driving cars only lived in dreams. As we barrel to a future with autonomous trucks, it’s fueled by technological advances making drivers safer.

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illustration of two carts crashing at intersection

Why Are Half Of Crashes In Intersections?

There are many factors to intersection-related crashes. Learn why driving through one can increase the likelihood of your getting in a crash.

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man holding onto sterring wheel driving at dusk

Five Tips To Avoid Road Rage

Road rage is a common phrase many apply to other drivers, but what about their own driving ability? Even though 80 percent of drivers think that they’re above-average drivers, a fair amount within that statistic must have road rage.

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