Busy intersection with cars passing through

7 Ways to Avoid Becoming Part of Intersection Crash Statistics

Intersection crashes are common and leave your company open to risk. Learn how to protect your employee drivers as well as company through our top tips.

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City roadway with traffic

What Safety Pros Need to Know About Major vs. Minor Traffic Violations

Learn about traffic violations, the difference between major and minor traffic violations and how they inform tolerated risk for companies like yours.

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Parking lot filled with cars

Your Need-to-Know Guide for Parking Lot Safety Tips

No matter why your drivers are behind the wheel, being aware of parking lot collision prevalence is needed. Learn how these collisions add up quickly.

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How These 7 Commercial Insurance Trends Can Impact Carriers & Employers

Learn why employers & commercial auto carriers need to know the latest trends like more frequent auto incidents, worsening employer legal exposure & more.

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Woman looking through some files

The Basics: MVR Records for Employers, Explained

We answer your MVR questions - what they are, what’s on them, how far back they go, whether you can pull your own and what makes SambaSafety’s different.

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man holding onto steering wheel driving at dusk or dawn

How to Prevent Road Rage Among Your Drivers

Your drivers may think they’re above-average behind the wheel but could easily fall victim to road rage. Learn five ways your drivers can avoid road rage.

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Woman on computer typing and studying

How Electronic Signatures Can Help Create an Airtight Driver Safety Policy

As a safety professional, you know driver digital signatures are important. Learn why signatures create an airtight driver safety policy for your company.

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businessperson dressed professionally typing on laptop keyboard

Everything to Know About DMV Status Updates During the Pandemic

Download our detailed spreadsheet created by the SambaSafety Government Relations team focused on providing the most recent DMV updates, revised monthly.

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How to Create a Safety Culture at Your Company in 6 Steps

Are you looking to enhance safety in your organization? Learn how you can utilize company drivers to create a workplace culture of safety in 6 steps.

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