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What’s Causing the Commercial Driver Shortage?

Despite the nation’s reliance on commercial trucking, the number of driver vacancies continues to grow and has left many fleet managers scratching their heads. Explore potential contributing factors to the driver shortage here.

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4 Important Tools to Consider for Successful Fleet Safety Management

With the right technology, your team can revolutionize the way you identify and mitigate driver risk across your fleet. Discover four must-have tools that will elevate your company's risk management strategy.

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SambaSafety Sales Team Recognized as Top 5 in Denver

We're a top five Sales organization in Denver! This award is a testament to our exceptional salesmanship, innovation and customer-centric approach.

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Which Month Experiences the Most Crashes, and How Does it Impact Your Company’s Drivers?

Do you know which month of the year experiences the highest incidence of crashes? It's not when you would expect. Here's when you need to be on high alert.

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Occuscreen Announces Strategic Partnership with SambaSafety

The expanded partnership will deliver valuable insights into post-hire driver behavior and give businesses the tools needed to make informed decisions to proactively mitigate potential risk. Read more here.

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The Perils of Road Rage: Understanding & Preventing Aggressive Driving Within Your Fleet

With the hustle and bustle of modern life, daily stress can take its toll – often in the form of road rage. Read on to explore some sobering aggressive driving statistics and discover how defensive driver training can protect your fleet.

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Nat Alliance NOW Risk & Insurance Podcast with John Barbagallo: The Evolution and Future Impact of Telematics

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of telematics, the changing face of insurance and the survey findings.

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An Inside Look into the Proposed Changes of the FMCSA Safety Measurement System

The FMCSA recently proposed significant, unexpected changes to its safety management system. We break down these nine improvements and how they could impact your fleet.

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MVRs & Canadian Driving Records: Alternatives for Ensuring Driver Eligibility and Enforcing Compliance Across Borders

Ensure cross-border driver eligibility, fleet safety and compliance with this cost-effective alternative to ordering Canadian driving records and MVRs.

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