Public Relations Matters – Drive Safe

We have seen the stories on the news time and time again and have heard the idiom of, “if it bleeds it leads.” These huge car crashes on busy thoroughfares claim the lives of multiple people, with a story months later appearing on either the driver not being qualified to be behind the wheel or the company facing the repercussions.

With the legal market becoming more and more litigious every day, it’s clear to see that not all publicity is truly good publicity. Wouldn’t you rather keep your name clean any time it appears in the press, especially for extremely preventable incidents such as crashes?

With continuous driver monitoring, you are able to ensure that the right people are behind the wheel on behalf of your company. No longer will you have to worry if you are taking the correct steps in keeping a top-notch fleet of drivers employed.

Instead, you can gain insight through near real-time notifications from a smart system to make your business even smarter. Gone are the days of you turning on the television in a panic when the next big crash occurs and worrying about the implication or brand fallout that seems to follow.

Rest assured that your company will garner only the good publicity it so desires with the help of SambaSafety’s continuous driver monitoring platform. That way, you can continue to protect your brand and keep your name out of the news.

After all, with our overarching goal of reducing crashes 20 percent by 2025, we expect for you to see less and less of those startling headlines flash across your screen or splash the newspaper. Make sure your brand stays protected and garners only that publicity.