How to Get Rid of Your Safety Stigma Forever

Safety doesn’t have to be an “in the shadows” effort.

Instead, we at SambaSafety encourage you to shout loud and proud the efforts your company undertakes in order to keep employees, the company and community at large as safe as possible.

Why is it so important to take steps in demystifying your safety efforts?

Although we usually hold the belief that it isn’t the best to publicize these safety efforts as it’s an admission that we were not taking on those efforts before, it’s important to showcase continuous improvement. That even includes safety initiatives. As more drivers get on the road and fleets begin expanding in ways that truly no company could have predicted, it’s pertinent to protect yourself and to also be proud of those steps you are taking.

While we know that telematics alone is not enough and that there are safety best practices every company should be undertaking, it’s of the utmost importance as well that you speak publicly about how your business and safety efforts have evolved over the years.

We at SambaSafety are happy to help tell that story.

Download our white paper on driver monitoring myth versus reality and learn why some of the most common myths you may be aware of simply aren’t true.