Why Your Current Driver Safety Efforts Aren’t Working

Developing an overarching and comprehensive risk strategy for your company is of the utmost importance and goes alongside ensuring that those driving on behalf of your company adhere to your safety policy.

Why your current efforts aren’t working

If you’re utilizing a technology that records the behavior inside your driver vehicles, then you are doing yourself a disservice and not seeing the full picture of the risk your drivers present. We call this the visibility gap.

The visibility gap is when you manually pull a motor vehicle record (MVR) either at-hire, annually or biannually and the information you have almost immediately becomes outdated. This is due to the fact that you’re only looking at driver behavior from a snapshot in time and are not accounting for any sort negative changes that may occur from the time you’ve pulled the MVR to the time you re-review them.

Oftentimes, we at SambaSafety see that drivers have administrative issues with their licenses, including suspensions, that are unknown to both the driver and the employer. With three to five percent of drivers on the road with a suspended license and causing 19 percent of fatal crashes, it’s more important than ever for a variety of reasons to ensure you know that those behind the wheel are safest for your company.

You need the best MVR monitoring

Continuous driver monitoring is the most apt solution that you can implement when looking to protect your employees, community and company adequately. Notifying you to negative violations received by your drivers, you’re never left in the dark again and can transform your risk strategy.

Even better, SambaSafety understands the importance of data and has created such features as including the Performance Dashboard, allowing you to more intelligently understand the risk your drivers present. Features like these arm professionals utilizing our software with the most relevant and actionable data to ensure that all drivers on the road remain safer with the help of continuous driver monitoring.

To learn more about how continuous driver monitoring can transform your risk strategy, download our white paper.