Don’t Ever Drive Distracted – Here’s Why

Distracted driving is an incredibly serious issue that continues to grow despite combative efforts put in places by law enforcement and companies alike. Not just limited to cell phone usage as well, distracted driving spans even further on the behavioral spectrum than once thought, ranging from talking to a passenger, eating, making minor in-car adjustments or even driving while over-tired.

There’s no denying that distracted driving is a solvable modern day problem

Most heavily seen in those 25-34 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 88 percent of millennials engaged in at least one risky behavior while driving in the past 30 days.

More surprising?

The reasons given for those who choose to text and drive, the top of which are that the message the driver receives is important (43 percent) and that the message is work related (9 percent). Despite 48 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands all having banned texting while driving, there’s still a lack of uniform precedent in correcting distracted driving.

This begs the question – how can you prevent or correct distracted driving? While a comprehensive driver safety policy is a good starting point, marrying telematics with continuous driver monitoring is an apt solution for employers looking to keep their driver population, communities and company safer.

The need to know

Although the roadways are seemingly becoming safer with crash statistics trending downward, drivers that manipulate cell phones account for a total of 16 percent off crashes in 2016. This statistic showcases the urgency in understanding your organization’s exposure to driver risk, especially when it comes to the vastly underreported distracted driving.

Understanding not only the present state of distracted driving but also how to prevent distracted driving and the overall cost benefits that come from effectively combatting distracted driving could save your company more than just money – and instead save lives.

To learn more about how continuous driver monitoring can prevent distracted driving, download our white paper.