How to Save Yourself from Uncontrolled Risk Due to COVID-19 [Podcast]

Hear from our Chief Marketing Officer, Eric Waldinger, on the SambaSafety podcast, “The Blind Spot.” Waldinger speaks to SambaSafety’s appreciation for our customers in the transportation, grocery and miscellaneous “front-line” industries working diligently to help the nation and world maintain a sense of normalcy despite the pandemic.

SambaSafety is taking strides to help customers during the pandemic

To help our customers navigate these unprecedented times, we are ensuring they can manage the level of uncontrolled risk brought on by disruption. “First and foremost, let’s pause. Let’s identify that we’re in a very different environment – there is no playbook for what’s happening right now,” Waldinger said. “So, we’re watching organizations adapt faster than ever.”

Adapt with modern technology

This adaptation has been boosted by the state of modern technology and even in times like these, two things remain true – drivers will be on the road, and they will pose risk. To that end, we at SambaSafety remain committed to helping customers control the risk they can control, empowering them to be confident in adapting to new risks being posed.

Waldinger also touched on the state of insurance in the wake of the coronavirus spread, ways to optimize budgets post-pandemic and how SambaSafety can help to ease these administrative undertakings.

After all, leveraging risk management in areas businesses can control creates more agile and empowering responses in times of true uncertainty.

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