This September 12 – 18 is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, an immensely important time of year not only for us at SambaSafety but the industry as well.

Taking a Moment

We wanted to take a moment to thank those in the trucking industry. Whether you’re behind the wheel day in and day out, managing routes or even working to ensure regulatory compliance on behalf of truck drivers, your job makes up part of the larger ecosystem that keeps America moving.

Although the team at SambaSafety believes that showing truck driver appreciation extends year-round, we wanted to recognize and thank those for the sacrifices they’re making day in and day out.

When Staying Home isn’t an Option

We know that some jobs cannot be done from home and that, for many truck drivers, their cabs are like their second home. We also understand that it’s never easy being away from family, especially during such unsteady times as now.

The sacrifices continuing to be made every day for the public are not going unnoticed or unappreciated, whether through the COVID-19 pandemic, global supply chain shortage or even natural disasters. Efforts and exemptions made by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association to keep the flow of goods moving only further solidify the importance of trucking.

The Lifeblood of this Country

To those in trucking – you make up the lifeblood of this country. Without your efforts and continued dedication to the job, we wouldn’t have critical supplies, stocked shelves, medications, vaccines, groceries and so much more.

This past year has been just as hectic as the last and continues proving to be a very busy time for all in the trucking industry. So, thank you from the entire team at SambaSafety. We appreciate that trucking truly moves America forward and recognize everything being done to make a positive difference in such unpredictable times.

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