Why Truck Driver Appreciation Week Extends Year-Round at SambaSafety

This Sept. 13-19 during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is immensely important

We wanted to take a moment to thank the heroes either part of or managing a fleet who have weathered a storm and remained a constant, helping continue maintaining a sense of normalcy.

Although the team at SambaSafety believes this appreciation week extends year round, we wanted to recognize and thank truckers for the sacrifices they’re making day in and day out.

We know that some jobs cannot be done from home

You simply don’t have the option to stay home and that your cab is like your second home. We also understand that it’s never easy being away from your families, especially during a time like this. The sacrifices you’re continuing to make every day for the general public are not going unnoticed nor are they going unappreciated.

Efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic made by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to keep America’s supply chain moving further solidify the importance of trucking, whether in North America or globally. You’re the lifeblood of this country. Without you, we wouldn’t have critical supplies like stocked shelves, medications, personal protective gear for healthcare workers and so much more.

We know this year has been hectic and continues to prove to be a very busy time for you and your entire team. So, thank you, from the entire team at SambaSafety. We appreciate that trucking truly moves America forward and recognize everything you’re doing to make a positive difference in these uncertain times.