It may seem entirely overblown, but continuous driver monitoring isn’t just a piece of technology

It also acts as a way in which you can ensure your community is protected from the dangers and pitfalls of high-risk driving. How do you get started on such a seemingly lofty endeavor?

Understanding why your drivers don’t all present the same risk is integral in better determining which of those drivers are highest-risk. For instance, with ten percent of drivers bearing responsibility for 40 percent of your crashes, you can better focus in on those who are risking loss of profit, increased downtime for oftentimes timely deliveries and elevated hiring and training costs – that’s what we call the visibility gap.

How can you identify that ten percent who are responsible for 40 percent of your crashes?

By knowing who is driving for your company, with the help of continuous driver monitoring. Not only are you able to protect your community and roadways from your highest-risk drivers, but you’re able to save time and money.

Through continuous driver monitoring, you’re also able to play a much bigger role in safeguarding the public from those drivers who shouldn’t be behind the wheel. What’s stopping you?

To learn more about driver monitoring myth versus reality and how you can utilize the technology to its fullest extent, download our white paper.