How to Get Rid of CSA Data Analysis Paralysis Forever

There are a myriad of ways companies can benefit from driver monitoring.

We all know that technology transforms the way a variety of companies, including those with commercially licensed drivers, conduct business. Companies with CSA driver data can benefit from continuous driver monitoring, CSA monitoring, crash and claims management, as well as driver analytics for a myriad of reasons.

One of the most important reasons?

Data organization and making sense of the information at-hand in one convenient location. Long gone are the days of wrangling data from different sources and attempting to create a cohesive picture of all the information at hand, only to find yourself frustrated with the snapshot in time you’re looking at.

With the ability to make sense and get the full picture of your driver violations, you can receive near real-time automated alerts when an employee receives a negative violation on or off the clock, whether a speeding ticket, crash, suspended license or DUI. You can also remain in the know on expiring licensure as well as certifications needing updating that are required to safely and compliantly be behind the wheel.

Stay on top of your data at-hand

Keep up with understanding the behaviors indicative of risky behavior that leads to streamlined-CSA driver management. With the ability to gain access to carrier scores, CSA profiles, daily activity monitoring, maintenance violations, citations, med certs status in one location, you can make sense of multiple data points.

Managing convoluted data sources blocks fleets from continuing to be on the road, putting the burden to manage and make sense of multiple data sources square on the shoulders of commercial trucking companies, including raw roadside activity, CSA data and motor vehicle records. Imagine though if you could shed the stress of piecing together data, saving you time, administrative resources, money and headache.

Making sense of your fleet’s data you have in front of you is integral in ensuring you can make the most informed decisions. When you have insight into negative driver behavior without having to utilize multiple sources of data and can understand how frequently this behavior is happening, you’re able to make impactful enhancements to your overall safety program. What’s stopping you?

To learn continuous driver monitoring can help your company make sense of its many sources of data, download our white paper, Why Continuous Monitoring Matters