Q Transportation Launch

Today marks the launch date of SambaSafety’s newest product, Q Transportation. Ironically, last Wednesday’s Subcommittee on Highways and Transit hearing in D.C., Under Pressure: The State of Trucking in America, was perhaps the exclamation point as to why Q Transportation was built.

What is Q Transportation?

Q Transportation represents the productization of the vision we had when we combined Vigillo and SambaSafety a little over two years ago. At any new product launch, a good marketer would start expounding on all the features and benefits of their product line. In this case, that would be the features and benefits of Q Transportation as an expansion of our industry leading driver monitoring platform, Qorta. A good Salesperson would be setting appointments and booking flights. A good Product Manager would be right on their heels polling and surveying customers to start lining up the next wave of innovation driven by feedback from early adopters.

Trust me. We’re going to do all of those things.

However, first, having just watched several hours of live video of Under Pressure: The State of Trucking in America, I feel compelled to focus on summarizing for you what I learned and why now, more than ever, it is vital that Q Transportation exists.

Summary of the Hearing:

As an industry, we need to redouble our focus on safety, collect and analyze more and better data from more sources, and make that data available in a meaningful way to all stakeholders in truck safety.

The hearing kicked off with testimony from witnesses who represented safety advocates, motor carriers and suppliers, owner-operators, unions, freight brokers, and law enforcement. Each witness gave a brief presentation followed by committee members’ Q&A. During the next several hours, the challenges and opportunities facing the American Trucking Industry were laid bare. Issues include increasing crash and fatality statistics, rising insurance costs, driver retention, inadequate funding to support crumbling infrastructure, pilot testing of 18 year old drivers, congestion, inflexible HOS rules, too much regulation, too little regulation, bigger trucks, a lack of truck parking, detention time at shipper and receiver docks, CSA Scores, new A/V technology, new technology-based safety features, the economy, new challenges in drug testing, and reauthorization of the FAST Act. Whew, what a plate-full! My industry empathy meter just increased tenfold.

Near the end, one of the committee members asked the witnesses to name one thing, just one, that Congress could enact today that they all would agree would enhance safety in trucking. There was not a single point of agreement. This brilliant, professional, and experienced group of experts could not name one single thing they could all agree upon to make trucking safer. I would like to offer one single thing. It all boils down to a single statement: Be Proactive.

It is in this environment of disagreement that today’s safety and risk professional must navigate, and this environment must be approached proactively.  We cannot afford to let things happen and then react. I believe what we witnessed in the hearing this week is equivalent to a physical exam, a checkup of the pains of a trucking industry that is under tremendous pressure. If one of us had a physical exam and were diagnosed with even a few of these pains, we would immediately be put on a program of diet, exercise, medication and lifestyle review. Our doctor would get proactive, deploy a plan, and monitor our results, well into the future.

Being proactive and deploying monitoring of critical safety measures is the mission of SambaSafety and that mission manifests itself in Q Transportation. There is a lot of talk currently about Safety Culture and how we can evaluate positive vs. deficient safety culture in trucking. A reactive approach in today’s environment is simply not compatible with a positive safety culture — and we’re proud to offer the first and only MVR and CSA monitoring solution to help your organization reach and maintain its safety goals.

We at SambaSafety are dedicated to safety and providing the innovative solutions our customers need to run safer. That vision is now embodied in the solution, Q Transportation. It is available to every regulated motor carrier who operates under DOT authority in the United States. Our mission is simple: to get you the information you need, when you need it, so you can proactively bring your trucks home safely every day.

Steve Bryan