Transportation in the healthcare industry is about much more than moving patients. Ensure your safety policy covers all types of healthcare transportation drivers, including on-campus shuttles and home healthcare advocates.

Know who’s transporting your patients

The explosion of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation options has been great for patient choice and mobility. But what about those Managed Care Organizations, patient advocates, ride brokers, and hospital safety administrators responsible for ensuring the patients make it to appointments safely and on time?

Trust SambaSafety to vet drivers with pre-screening and driver monitoring solutions.

Ensure compliance against ever-evolving industry regulations – and patient expectations.

Understand and manage your risk

The common refrain we hear from healthcare professionals is that they are unable to identify what programs are in place to ensure driver safety in their organizations. This is one of the many symptoms of what we call the visibility gap.

In order to alleviate the blind spots in your safety policy, SambaSafety integrates supplemental data sources with traditional MVR monitoring solutions into one streamlined platform, allowing safety professionals to build a Composite Driver Policy Score and ensuring compliance with ever-evolving healthcare industry regulations.

Continuous monitoring saves lives

Risky driver behavior is typically the reason ambulances are deployed to a crash scene in the first place. Often times, emergency and response vehicles are the unfortunate cause of secondary crashes and dangerous driving behavior. In fact, 75% of incidents involving emergency vehicles affect other drivers and pedestrians, and not those in the emergency vehicle.

SambaSafety knows this is a critical issue and we employ continuous driver monitoring to catch risky drivers in near real-time. We also have a Crash & Claims Scoring system that allows you to quickly identify your riskiest drivers and make proactive decisions to remove them from service. This will enable your organization to the reduce risk of costly crashes and protect lives.

Driver Safety is a reflection on your brand and affects your bottom line

Our healthcare study respondents indicated that health care organizations are most focused on areas that drive health system rankings and financial performance. Most healthcare organizations have admitted that despite the inherent risks to driver-related events, they don’t allocate headcount or resources to adequately manage & mitigate driver risk.

In most cases, an accident’s cost to your reputation can be as much as 10 times the cost of the litigation settlement. Don’t let luck and random point-in-time inspections be your safety policy. Bolster it with SambaSafety’s driver monitoring tools, scorecards, and user-friendly dashboards for driver management.

Driver Safety Made Simple.

“We don’t want somebody that has a license suspended driving and putting the public, our employees and our patients at risk.”

– VP of Workforce Safety


At least 3.6 million people miss or delay medical care each year because they lack available or affordable transportation.