No matter what industry you work in, SambaSafety has the tools to simplify your driver safety concerns and put you in control.

We commissioned market research to identify driver trends in industries with high instances of vehicle incidents, driver turnover and insurance risk. The result? Curated insurance and driver monitoring data and solutions for your industry.


Keep your fleet on the road, keep your drivers behind the wheel.

About one-fifth of all commercial vehicle roadside inspections result in a vehicle being placed out of service for a serious violation. SambaSafety can help you obtain a more holistic view of driver activity so you can reduce roadside surprises.

Oil & Gas

In Oil & Gas, employees are your most valuable resource.

Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death in the oil & gas industry, with four of every 10 workers killed in a highway vehicle accident. Know who is behind the wheel – on site and in-transit – with driver monitoring and scoring from SambaSafety.
Source: OSHA


Injury prevention isn’t just a job site priority.

Construction safety professionals cited the availability of qualified drivers as their number one priority – and their number one risk. Keep your employees safe on the road and on the job with SambaSafety’s driver monitoring tools.


Patient transport has many options – and many opportunities to be proactive about risk.

The advent of brokered services, rideshare and patient advocacy programs have offered a wealth of options for medical transport. Make sure those opportunities don’t become problems down the road.


One in ten employees in the U.S. works in the retail industry.

Due to the size of many retail companies and their fleets, even small accidents, if they occur regularly enough, can create large financial liabilities. Reduce your chance that small issues become big liabilities. Let SambaSafety help you aggregate your historical data to manage and score risk.

Home Services

Small fleets are still the lifeblood of the home services industry.

Apps are changing the way consumers evaluate, select and interact with home services companies. On-demand response is becoming the norm. But one thing that isn’t changing is the need for transportation to your customer’s home locations. SambaSafety can help you become properly equipped to handle any call.


Tracking and monitoring of pharmaceuticals is heavily regulated for safety – drivers should be too.

Whether it be temperature requirements, telematic monitoring or chain of custody, pharmaceutical transport services companies have stringent protocols in place. Safety extends beyond the tamper-proof bottle. SambaSafety can help you manage your biggest risk – those behind the wheel – with driver scoring and proactive alerts.

Driver Safety Made Simple.