Motor Vehicle Records, Simplified

Seventy percent of drivers have clean records. Motor vehicle records (MVRs) are vital in identifying the remaining 30 percent of high-risk drivers that cost insurance companies money. Whether you’re a commercial broker or personal insurance agent, it’s likely you share similar frustrations around pulling MVRs. Our Volta platform gives you access to MVRs when you need them.

We’re here to simplify this process for agents and brokers.

Access MVRs with Ease

By Choosing Volta, You Will

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Receive Instant Returns on MVRs

Gone are the days of waiting around for MVRs. Instantly download MVRs online in a convenient PDF format.

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Reduce Administrative Work

Gain access to standardized MVRs that look the same no matter which state they’re pulled from, making analysis quick and easy.

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Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

By cutting down on the time it takes to access and analyze MVRs, you’ll be able to assist in providing quotes in record time to delight prospective customers from the start.

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We’ve reduced our reliance on self-reporting. Being able to flag drivers before they tell us there’s an issue complements the mandatory self-reporting policy and makes safety much more efficient.


Senior Risk and Safety Analyst

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