Improving Profitability

The cost of insuring drivers has been increasing steadily over the last decade or so, with increasingly expensive crashes, higher verdicts and more data to take into account when pricing policies. To keep your costs low and revenues high, you need to be able to quote and bind policies quickly and effectively.

With better data on your leads, you can increase underwriting efficiencies and quote to bind ratios, providing more accurate policies and a better customer experience.

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The Problem

  • Insufficient data
  • Expensive motor vehicle record (MVR) pulls
  • Data synthesis

The Solution

  • Over 630 million archived MVRs
  • Faster turnaround at lower cost
  • Best-in-class data accuracy
  • Unified state-to-state info

Looking Beyond MVRs

Paying to pull a new MVR at quote only to uncover higher risk activity such as speeding tickets, traffic violations, and DUIs is a necessary, but consequential step in accurately quoting any insurance policy.

Pre-screen drivers prior to making a costly MVR purchase for violation activity sourced from historic court appearances, archived MVRs, state database and activity files, and state motor vehicle departments.

The more accurately you can assess the risk posed by a potential customer, the better suited you are to offer them a fair quote and still cover your costs. Avoid pulling unnecessary MVRs and instead let us help you pre-screen for violation activity.

Beyond MVR Data

Speed to Market Through Innovation

Make it easier to identify the people who you want to talk to.

Utilizing customizable smart triggers will allow you to filter your MVR orders and violation activity against your unique underwriting rules and rating guidelines, ensuring your leads are filtered to align with your desired book. Our advanced rules engine acts as a personal assistant, allowing you to align your decision to pull your MVR orders against your configurable set of values.

We are able to provide faster, more accurate quotes that can improve your quote to bind ratio by up to 30 percent.

Increased Speed to Market Insurance Industry

Profitability Made Simple.

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Increase of fatal crashes between 2009-2017 involving a large truck or bus.

Elevate Your Safety Culture