A major concern across all military components is the rising number of suicides, not only for active troops, but for reservists as well. It’s our mission to keep our soldiers, families, and communities safe. When soldiers are off-duty or on leave, there is a lack of day-to-day interaction with their chain of command to check on their mental health. It can be difficult to recognize the signs of a soldier in trouble. From depression to PTSD and other personal self-destructive factors, self-reporting can mean potentially losing security clearance or loss of rank, even if the soldier is a high risk for a catastrophic event. Even though the honor system is mandated, the low numbers of self-reported soldiers aren’t surprising. This is where SambaSafety can help. Through our driver monitoring platform, Qorta, we can give you visibility into precursors to potential high-risk soldiers via continuously monitoring their DMV driving records to show signs of risk to self and others in the communities they live in.

Through our relationships with all 50 state DMVs and our incident-triggered MVR pulls, you can see immediately if a soldier is pulled over for a DUI, has a license suspended for failing to pay child support, or any other administrative red-flag behaviors via text, email or our enhanced dashboard to see the actual status of violation and actual MVR record.

Our goal is to help the commanders, unit commanders and leaders of our military throughout the chain of command to counsel and help a soldier in need. Our platform can help you identify pre-indicators that could show a soldier is in a downward and potentially self-harming spiral. It’s our mission to get those soldiers help prior to an incident occurring. They are not alone.

SambaSafety cares about our troops at home and abroad.  We can help you keep them safe with our monitoring platform.

For More Information, Contact Todd Jones, Our Military Affairs Representative.