We bring intelligence and data analytics to bear on your driver monitoring, allowing you to make informed decisions about who’s behind the wheel for your company.

Commercial driving is the backbone of the economy of the United States, from the nearly four million truckers that handle the majority of our nation’s freight to the hundreds of thousands of smaller vans and gray fleets that fill our cities. But managing those millions of drivers isn’t easy. The cost of constantly pulling MVRs and trying to track driver behavior can be enormous — but the cost of a negligent crash is even higher.

Safer Drivers

Qorta allows you to monitor any number of drivers in near-real-time, ensuring that you’ll have a better handle on your drivers and their behavior. Better monitoring means hiring and retaining better drivers, which will keep your business, your property, and your community safe.

  • Reduce driving-related crashes by 27 percent
  • Cut the cost of your insurance premiums by 16 percent
  • Decrease administrative time and cost of driver management by 66 percent
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Cutting Costs, Not Corners

Workers compensation insurance has gone up more than 14 percent in price in the last few years, and the costs to your company in the event of a crash can be even higher. There are 16,000 crashes every day in the United States, and 90% of them are the driver’s fault.

Even if your drivers get into a crash on their own time, it can be considered a “work accident.” And the costs to your company can be substantial:

  • Lost work time
  • Damaged property
  • Loss of community trust
  • Bad PR
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Finding the Bad Apples

Your drivers don’t all pose an equal risk to your company. In our experience, only 10 percent of drivers are responsible for 40 percent of a company’s crashes, while 50 percent of drivers have clean records and valid licenses. Knowing which drivers present the greatest risk will save you a lot of time and headaches down the road.

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Driver Safety Made Simple.

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Average 5.5% reduction of claim incident rates with monitoring.

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The indirect cost of a crash is four times the cost of vehicle repairs and medical expenses. Insurance renewals have increased 8-15% over the last five years, and the average cost of crash with an injury is $74,000.

Elevate Your Safety Culture