Identifying Risk in Construction

You’re no stranger to the everyday risks plaguing the construction industry; worker’s compensation spend is 71 percent higher in construction than all goods-producing industries combined. You understand the on-site risk workers are exposed to on a daily basis, but have you considered the risk they face on the road?

Everyday Risk on the Road

Vehicle-related crashes make up 25 percent of all work fatalities in the construction industry. Furthermore, the rate of alcohol and drug-related driving incidents in this industry is 143 percent higher than all other drivers. If an engineer, project manager or contractor in your fleet receives a DUI, how soon would you know about it?

With this type of risk, it’s critical that companies like yours are doing everything possible to ensure team members arrive to work and get home safely after long days on-site.

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SambaSafety Saves Lives

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Don’t Take a Risk on Safety

The construction industry is thriving, yet it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find and retain qualified individuals, especially for specialized positions like CDL drivers. Get the right insight into the driving behavior of applicants as well as your current employees, helping you retain talent and remain competitive. With SambaSafety’s continuous driver monitoring platform, Qorta, you can proactively manage risk to keep your employees safe and prevent future incidents that negatively impact your bottom line.

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Protect Your Team and Your Company

Stay Proactive With Qorta

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Ensure Only the Safest Drivers are Behind the Wheel

Get unmatched insight into the driving behavior of any employee, from DOT-regulated drivers and contractors to office employees, with near real-time alerts on violations including speeding, DUIs and suspended licenses.

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Enhance Your Safety Culture

Driving to and from job sites is the riskiest thing your employees do every day. Strengthen your overall safety culture by identifying which employees require additional training long before they fall outside of your safety policy.

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Protect Your Company

Identify high-risk drivers with ease so you can proactively intervene before they’re disqualified or are involved in an incident that could negatively impact your company’s brand and bottom line, while utilizing data to help combat rising insurance premiums.

Discover Qorta

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