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No Matter the Size of Your Company, Driver Safety is the #1 Priority in Oil & Gas

Wherever you reside in the oil & gas value stream, safety is your top priority. But are you ensuring the safety of all your drivers? Our portfolio of solutions will transform safety and risk for the oil & gas industry.

  • Monitor employees of large fleets in near-real time
  • Identify high-risk drivers
  • Gain insight into crashes and claims
  • Enforce your safety policy
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Oil and Gas Field Workers Safety

Keep Your Field Workers Safe with Driver Monitoring

We know safety is your #1 priority – at the job site and on the road. Let SambaSafety help you expand that safety profile to include unmatched driver data and insights, and monitor issues and concerns related to driving habits before they become corporate headaches.

Reduce Costs Associated with Accidents

When an employee is involved in a crash, the health and safety of those involved is the immediate priority. In the months following a crash, a single event can lead to catastrophic losses for the employer. Leverage SambaSafety’s predictive analytics, real-time MVR monitoring, scoring profiles, and proactive driver alerts to increase driver awareness and reduce accidents.

Oil and Gas Reduce Costs
Oil and Gas Ensure Compliance

Ensure Compliance and Manage Risk

Companies in heavily-regulated industries like oil & gas spend a considerable amount of time and money to remain compliant. SambaSafety has a suite of products to help you manage your risk profile and mitigate issues before they become a problem.

Simplify Reporting and User Access

SambaSafety knows that users desire an easy-to-use system to monitor driver activity and detect trends. Clean dashboards ensure ease of use and reporting, and APIs offer quick access to the data you need in the system you’re comfortable with.

Oil and Gas Simplify Driver Reporting

“We have to look at the full spectrum of drivers, not just in the field, but the office risk as well.”


Critical Questions and Thought Starters

Ways to identify your exposure and mitigate driver risk.

  • Do you have oil & gas employees who drive on company time?
  • If so, do you pull MVRs on those drivers?
  • How do you know if there’s a change on one of your employee’s driving records?
  • Do you have a driver safety policy? How is it enforced?
  • If you’re not currently monitoring your drivers, how do you find out about post-hire driving activities?
  • What are the impacts to your Insurance based on your employees’ driving behavior?
Oil and Gas Critical Questions

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