A lack of visibility into the employees who take the wheel for your company can cost you resources, time and money. As an employer, you may not be able to completely mitigate the risk of car accidents among your employees and fleet drivers, but you can take precautions to make sure that your drivers are as safe as possible.

Q License provides near real-time insight into high-, medium-, and low-risk drivers through access to all employee driving data on a single platform.

Bulk Driver Upload

Custom Driver Groups

Normalized Reporting

Status Monitoring

Violation Monitoring

Risk Scoring

On-Demand Purchase

Q License - Monitor Employee Driving Status

Employee Driving Status

Q License offers unparalleled visibility by monitoring your drivers, automatically alerting you to new adverse activity. Equipped with proactive information, you can elevate your company’s commitment to safety and protect what is most important.

Improve Driver Behavior

Studies have shown that continuous monitoring positively impacts driver behavior, leading to fewer citations and incidents. Protect your organization’s assets, brand, and reputation with safer drivers, all while making informed decisions about who should be driving for your company.

Q License - Improve Driver Behavior

Driver Safety Made Simple.

“We’ve reduced our reliance on self-reporting. Being able to flag drivers before they tell us there’s an issue complements the mandatory self-reporting policy and makes safety much more efficient.”

– Shetikka R. Senior Risk & Safety Analyst


41% of all crashes are due to inattentive driving