The Most Complete Data With Powerful Analytics

Qorta™️ builds on SambaSafety’s core strengths, including the most complete and trusted federal and state data on drivers, with powerful new analytics and the latest SaaS delivery features to provide fast, actionable intelligence on driver risk. Qorta™️ will make it easier and simpler to load and manage drivers, report consistently across states, customize driver lists, user access and alerts, and reports and benchmarks. Qorta’s™️ new intuitive interface allows your company the ability to receive near real-time insight into high, medium and low-risk drivers beyond what DRM offers you today.

As part of this upgrade, the Q License™️ product will be reflected on your first invoice after the upgrade to designate your monitoring charges. Your current DRM rate will not change for the duration of the current contract in place as a result of this upgrade, and there is no fee associated with this upgrade. Please forward this information to the appropriate Accounts Payable personnel so that they are prepared as well for the upcoming product name change.

We are very excited to work with you and your teams to get the most out of Qorta™️, meet your training needs, and continue providing your company with the best in driver risk management and monitoring. Below are a couple links that provide some additional high-level information as well as details around the product changes.

qorta video preview

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