A Better Way to Find Trends and Answers in Your Drivers’ MVR and CSA Risk Data

Discover how Qorta Insight simplifies risk reporting, helping risk and safety professional quickly answer commonly asked questions like, "how much risk do I have?", "who should I prioritize for intervention?", "what behaviors are increasing our risk?" and "is our safety plan working?"

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Winter Driving Safety Tips

To get your fleet through the winter season safely, you need a solid incident and injury prevention plan. The good news is: we’ve got one for you with our latest webinar on winter driving safety tips.

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Knowing Isn’t Fixing: The Case to Combine Driver Monitoring and Training

In order to prevent future crashes, it's critical for safety managers to know about violations soon after they happen and immediately taking action to fix that behavior. But simply knowing about violations isn't the same as fixing the problem. By combining driver monitoring and training, safety managers are able to identify at- and high-risk driving behavior and immediately take action by assigning that driver in relevant training courses. Learn more about how remedial, frequent and "premedial" training can be used to improve overall driving behavior.

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Using Predictive Models to Assess and Act Upon Changing Driver Behavior

Learn how the implementation of AI and predictive modeling can help identify leading indicators that are correlated to risky driving behaviors. Speakers discussed: How predictive modeling can enhance driver risk assessment, and the overarching risk implications for the business or portfolio. What the future of predictive modeling looks like and how it will play a prominent role within the insurance and risk management community. How this technology positively affects both the carrier’s position in the marketplace and the risk professional’s business as a whole.

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Transportation Brief: Artificial Intelligence – The Next Disruption

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we problem solve, and many are curious about how to tap into its potential. As it grows to become one of the strongest disruptors for most industries today, how can you unlock the value of AI to transform your business? Steve Bryan, EVP and GM of Transportation with SambaSafety is joined by Peter Rowe, VP of Engineering for the Transportation Brief.

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