The retail industry has changed rapidly. The advent of home delivery services has transformed the face of commerce, bringing with it a new generation of drivers that view their role as a temporary side hustle instead of a career choice.

No matter their experience level, SambaSafety can give you the visibility you need to ensure they are safely representing your company on the streets.

Know who’s driving for your company

Whether it be DOT drivers or store workers, you have a wide array of drivers.  SambaSafety has tools to manage the CSA scores of professional fleet drivers and MVRs of seasonal drivers in one simple platform.

We are built to help you ensure compliance against industry safety requirements. You’ll know which drivers are your biggest risk, and will be empowered to make safety decisions that reduce the chances of costly incidents.

Understand and manage environmental risks

If it doesn’t get there, it costs money. If a truck is down because it failed an inspection, or if a driver had to be pulled off the road due to discrepancies in their activity log, this forces you to spend valuable time and money to get contingency resources in place.

SambaSafety’s platform features a CSA scoring tool that will help you to identify at-risk drivers and take proactive action, before it becomes a reactive issue.

This is one of the many symptoms of what we call the visibility gap.
In order to alleviate the blind spots in your safety policy, SambaSafety integrates supplemental data sources with traditional MVR monitoring solutions into one streamlined platform, allowing safety professionals to build a Composite Driver Policy Score and ensuring compliance with ever-evolving industry regulations.

Continuous monitoring saves lives

A lot can happen between the warehouse and the store. Random inspections. Fender benders in the parking lot or at the loading dock. Or, something much worse.

Driver monitoring is foundational to our value proposition: we employ continuous driver monitoring to catch risky drivers in near real-time. We built a Crash & Claims Scoring system that allows you to quickly identify your riskiest drivers and make proactive decisions that reduce risk and protect lives.

Driver Safety is a reflection on your brand and affects your bottom line.

Retail is under tremendous financial pressure, and even small setbacks can cost dearly. Imagine a catastrophic driving event, where an accident claim’s cost to your brand’s reputation can be as much as 10 times the cost of the settlement itself.

Don’t let blind luck and random point-in-time inspections be your safety policy. Bolster it with SambaSafety’s driver monitoring tools, scorecards, and user-friendly dashboards for driver management.

Driver Safety Made Simple.

“We spend $6 million a year on bent metal, a first party liability. We spend another $30 million on third party medical and property damage from vehicle accidents. So while it may only represent 20 percent of my people, 50 percent of my risk costs are from vehicles.”

– VP of Environmental Safety, Health & Risk Management


Retail has the most balanced mix of in-house (53.6%) and For Hire (46.4%) transportation services.