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The Only Platform to Combine CSA & MVR Data

SambaSafety is an integration partner with Tenstreet, combining driver monitoring solutions with enhanced driver qualification and driver management services. The integration ensures that the driver qualification file is always up to date with the latest driving record, and that all drivers are being actively monitored, providing immediate cost, compliance, and safety benefits.

The integration pairs SambaSafety’s software, which monitors driver activity and behavior, with Tenstreet driver qualification files. The result is a reduction of time and spend on resources, including manual data input and fees for state records. With this integration, companies can easily:

  • Store SambaSafety motor vehicle records in the Tenstreet driver qualification file
  • Enroll and unenroll employees in the SambaSafety platform
  • Ensure compliance with FMCSA mandated annual MVRs
  • Optimize MVR spend by leveraging ENS monitoring systems
  • Continuously keep driver qualification files up-to-date

Incorporate SambaSafety driver monitoring activity into your Tenstreet driver qualification file to streamline workflows and reduce duplicative costs by filling out the form below.

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