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Your Drivers Don’t All Present the Same Risk

Your Drivers Don’t All Present the Same Risk

Ten percent of your drivers are responsible for 40 percent of your crashes. Your drivers don’t all present the same risk. That translates to a loss of profit, increased downtime for equipment and elevated hiring and training costs.

Know Who’s Driving for Your Company

Know Who’s Driving for Your Company

SambaSafety protects our communities and roadways from risky drivers, while saving you time and money. We integrate regulatory, telematics, license and claims data sources into a single Risk Index, making it easy to access, analyze and respond to risk. When you know who is driving for your company, you can reduce your insurance premiums by up to 16%.

Identify Your Risky and Safe Drivers

Quickly Intervene with Risky Drivers

Through our collection, correlation and analysis of license, telematics and CSA data, driver information, you’ll be able to quickly identify high-risk drivers and trips and assign targeted remedial training all within the same platform.

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MVR Monitoring and Driver Training on One Platform

Discover how Qorta transforms the way companies identify and mitigate driver risk.

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Winter weather presents a huge risk to fleet safety, creating added dangers and stress for employee drivers. This alongside the rise in risky driving behavior year after year creates a greater potential for employee-involved crashes.

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How Can Companies Maximize the Value of Their Telematics Data?

Telematics data provides a wealth of information, all of which works to promote effective and efficient fleet management. We discuss the exclusive benefits and insights that telematics data can deliver – from cost savings and driving customer loyalty to increasing fleet safety.

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Fleet Risk Mangement: How Driver Violations Can Predict Crashes and Claims

Our study showcases how employee driver violations can predict future crashes, helping companies establish and maintain more targeted fleet risk management strategies.

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We’ve reduced our reliance on self-reporting. Being able to flag drivers before they tell us there’s an issue complements the mandatory self-reporting policy and makes safety much more efficient.

Shetikka R.

Senior Risk and Safety Analyst

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