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Your Drivers Don’t All Present the Same Risk

Your Drivers Don’t All Present the Same Risk

Ten percent of your drivers are responsible for 40 percent of your crashes. Your drivers don’t all present the same risk. That translates to a loss of profit, increased downtime for equipment and elevated hiring and training costs.

Know Who’s Driving for Your Company

Know Who’s Driving for Your Company

Continuous driver monitoring protects our communities and roadways from risky drivers, while saving you time and money. When you know who is driving for your company, you can reduce your insurance premiums by up to 60 percent.

Identify Your Risky and Safe Drivers

Identify Your Risky and Safe Drivers

Through our collection, correlation and analysis of driver information, you’ll be able to identify high-risk drivers, enforce company policies and make well-informed hiring decisions.

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“Improving driver safety, reducing crashes, getting employees home safe and making communities safer.”

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WEBINAR: A Better Way to Find Trends and Answers in Your Drivers’ MVR and CSA Risk Data

Risk and safety professionals are tasked with the difficult job of determining where their greatest risk lies to prevent future crashes and costs. The problem: risk can be tricky to spot if you’re managing disparate systems with different sets of data.

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Adding CDL Hazmat Endorsement Training to Your ELDT Program

With the new ELDT rules going into effect shortly, you’d be forgiven for overlooking that the new Hazmat endorsement rules are here too. Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) is already a huge change, and the phrase “piling on” has been muttered more than once.

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Winter Blunderland: Crash Stats Reveal Keys to Incident Prevention

If you don’t already include winter driving statistics in your fleet driver safety training, download our free infographic. It’s packed with stats and safety tips that can boost the effectiveness of your company driver safety program.

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We’ve reduced our reliance on self-reporting. Being able to flag drivers before they tell us there’s an issue complements the mandatory self-reporting policy and makes safety much more efficient.

Shetikka R.

Senior Risk and Safety Analyst

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