Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Driver

Receive near real-time notifications when one of your drivers incurs an infraction.



Revolutionize all phases of the insurance policy lifecycle with comprehensive insight.

Background Screening

MVR & Background Screeners

Partner with SambaSafety – we’ve delivered more than 630 million Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) since 1998.

One in Ten Drivers is a Serious Risk

Your drivers don’t all present the same risk. Generally speaking, 50 percent of your drivers are considered “low-risk,” meaning they have a clean record and valid licenses. Another 40 percent of drivers are “at some risk” – they may not have squeaky clean records, but they’re not a major concern either.

It is the final 10 percent of your drivers that are responsible for 40 percent of your accidents — four times the average risk. That translates to a loss of profit, increased downtime for equipment, and elevated hiring and training costs.

Reduce Crashes by up to 14 Percent

Continuous driver monitoring protects our communities and roadways from risky drivers, while saving you time and money. At SambaSafety, we leverage MVR monitoring and our proprietary data collection methods to reduce driving-related violations by up to 22 percent.

When you know who is driving for your company, you can reduce your insurance premiums by up to 60 percent.

Make Driver Safety a Priority.


Reduce Risk

Lower Costs

Save Lives

All the driver data in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t know what to do with it. Through our collection, correlation and analysis of driver information, you’ll be able to identify high-risk drivers, enforce company safety policies and make well-informed hiring decisions.

The Problem

  • Pulling Annual MVRs is Not Enough
  • Frequently Pulling MVRs is Expensive and Time-Consuming
  • Inconsistent Violation Data

The Solution

  • Continuous Driver Monitoring
  • Near Real-Rime Updates of Driver Status Changes
  • Standardized State-to-State Violation Data

Take Control of Your Risk

You checked your drivers’ MVRs and background info upon hiring. You’ve probably checked them annually over the course of their employment. But what about the lag in between records requests? This is referred to as the visibility gap. Gaining visibility into incidents and violations occurring between MVR pulls will prevent serious risk to your company and community.

The Problem

  • Visibility Gap
  • Decentralized Process
  • Inconsistent Data

The Solution

  • Near Real-Time MVR Updates
  • Centralized Platform
  • Standardized State-to-State Data

Maximize Insurance Efficiency

Revolutionizing all phases of the Insurance Policy Lifecycle enabling you to make better decisions throughout the insurance policy lifecycle by leveraging driver violation data. SambaSafety provides comprehensive insight into driver history through alternative violation data, customers can obtain cost-effective access to violation activity, reduce MVR spend, and improve underwriting performance at Lead, Quote, Bind, and Renew.

The Problem

  • Decentralized Data
  • Inefficient Upfront Costs
  • Too Reliant Upon MVRs

The Solution

  • Multiple Aggregated Data Sources
  • Informative, Customized Triggers
  • Pre-Screening of Leads Prior to Pulling MVRs

Your Drivers Represent Your Brand – You Deserve the Best

You can’t be riding shotgun alongside every driver in your fleet. Thankfully, with continuous driver monitoring you don’t have to – the moment you implement it, you’ll improve driver behavior.

The Problem

  • Potential Brand Damage
  • Inefficient Self-Reporting Policies
  • Lack of Driver Accountability

The Solution

  • Recognizing Risky Drivers Before They Get Behind the Wheel
  • Data to Enforce Your Safety Policy
  • Actionable Driver Insights
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Data Drives Meaningful Decisions.

“We’ve reduced our reliance on self-reporting. Being able to flag drivers before they tell us there’s an issue complements the mandatory self-reporting policy and makes safety much more efficient.”

– Shetikka R. Senior Risk & Safety Analyst


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