With the new ELDT regulations in effect, there’s now an established national standard in place for obtaining a CDL.

Here are some key things to note about the mandate:

  • There are no required minimum training hours
  • New drivers do not have to go to a truck driving school to receive this training
  • Drivers can receive ELDT training in several places including educational institutions, motor carriers, rural cooperatives, school districts, joint labor management programs, CMV schools and companies offering in-house training

For companies that offer in-house training, implementing an online ELDT training curriculum has some impactful benefits.

Online ELDT Training Curriculum Benefits

Decrease Overhead:

By offering online courses, it allows companies to cut costs and expand their offerings. This includes the ability to train more students. You can then save any in-person training for behind-the-wheel courses. If you plan to take a blended approach to CDL training, you can assign online training videos as a prerequisite and reduce paid instruction hours. Using online training as a prerequisite frees up your instructors to spend their valuable time on “next-level” skills and individual evaluation, helping them deliver a better overall learning experience. Better yet, with online ELDT training curriculum via On Ramp, there’s no need to pay to update your training.

Adapt to the Next Generation:

It’s no secret that the days of relying on physical textbooks are coming to an end. Younger drivers prefer technology and ease of use when it comes to education. By modernizing their approach to driver training, companies can better serve the next generation of drivers. Not only will trainees complete lessons faster with online courses, but they’ll get more out of them, too. Multiple studies have shown that students tend to learn faster and retain more information with online training versus traditional classroom training.

Reduce Administrative Work:

Online courses aren’t just easier on the trainee. They also create less administrative work on the company side of things. With automated testing and record-keeping, it helps move drivers through a training program at a faster pace – without sacrificing quality.

How Our ELDT Training Curriculum Can Help Your Company

Did you know that SambaSafety’s ELDT training curriculum offers all the required topics and criteria as laid out by the FMCSA? With On Ramp, you can:

  • Train and test drivers in 30+ curriculum topics that are essential to obtaining a CDL
  • Deliver better training for less money by assigning On Ramp training courses as a prerequisite to instructor-led training
  • Provide 24/7 access to training on any device that connects to the internet
  • Automatically administer and score written tests and record completion data
  • Offer hazmat endorsement training
  • Make use of existing content you’ve already created and hold onto your best assets
  • Provide a hybrid training model – from fully online to a combination of online and classroom sessions

Want to learn more about how On Ramp can help train your drivers? Schedule a demo with one of our specialists today!