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Mobility Risk Suite for the Sharing Economy

Mitigate risk and qualify drivers faster through high-quality driver screening and tailored gig economy solutions.

Take Gig Driver Risk Management to the Next Level

Uncover the right insights for reducing friction in the funnel, enhancing gig worker safety and minimizing liability.

Accelerate Applicant Qualification

Streamline processes and outpace the competition with our advanced gig driver screening capabilities. By leveraging innovative risk assessment tools, you can unlock quick access to complete driver history and license information.


  • Instantly qualify applicants who fit your unique requirements with configurable scoring
  • Access single or multiple adjudication scoring for MVRs based on job type
  • Reduce up to 60% in acquisition costs with access to historical driving data and license verification
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Improve Driver Lifetime Value (LTV)

Foster earner satisfaction and longevity by prioritizing safety. With continuous MVR monitoring and ongoing skill development, you'll have the visibility and tools needed to optimize LTV.


  • Increase visibility from funnel to platform with our suite of gig driver risk solutions
  • Receive ongoing alerts for license status changes, violations and crashes with continuous monitoring
  • Improve driver retention rates and maximize driver eligibility with custom micro-learning content

Mitigate Exposure & Ensure Compliance

Confidently master compliance with continuous monitoring, fraud detection and robust reporting tools. Our deep industry footprint and expertise in the sharing economy space also help you efficiently navigate complex Transportation Network Company (TNC) reporting requirements.


  • Automate your risk and safety program with configurable thresholds and alerts
  • Control insurance costs with increased visibility into mobility risks on your platform
  • Mitigate exposure and protect your driver population

Explore Our Best-In-Class Transportation Network Solutions

Leverage our offerings as independent solutions or combine them to meet your business's unique needs.

Cost-Effective Offerings Proven to Reduce Gig Driver Risk

Customers who implement SambaSafety’s risk assessment and driver monitoring solutions experience up to:


reduction in MVR costs in the first year


reduction in crashes within the first 12 months


violation reduction after 12 months of using monitoring and training

We Help Businesses Unlock
New Levels of Visibility

Jared Garcia

Manager of Safety, San Diego Metropolitan Transit System

“Over time, [SambaSafety] has proven to be an invaluable tool for ensuring our drivers are properly licensed and maintain up-to-date endorsements... SambaSafety gives us confidence that there are no unsafe or unlicensed drivers representing our company on the road.”

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Donna Odom

Compliance Manager, Nine Energy Service

“SambaSafety’s user-friendly interface has proved to be an invaluable solution, providing real-time visibility of violations, suspensions, disqualifications, expirations and downgrades. This paired with their excellent customer service is why we've found SambaSafety to be the best fit for our company and our mission to mitigate risk.”

David D. Keyser

Vice President of Safety, Loomis U.S.

“Before SambaSafety, our team would manually pull 5,000+ MVRs twice annually – often learning of a driver’s DUI or suspended license six months to a year after the fact. We needed a continuous solution to provide this information sooner and with less manpower... Now we pull MVRs electronically once a year and continuously monitor our drivers via SambaSafety’s monitoring solution. The ease of accessing vital MVR information to ensure our drivers meet our stringent requirements is unmatched... the time savings is immeasurable.”

Vice President of Risk and Safety

DS Services

“More than ever before, we’re identifying drivers that have issues with their license and taking action before they get on the road. We know that these issues would have been discovered months later with our old system, but now we can take care of these issues much sooner.”