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MVRs for Employers and Insurers

Discover why SambaSafety has been the industry leader in providing Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) for employers and insurers for over 25 years.

Why Fleets and Insurers Choose SambaSafety MVRs

Year after year, more fleets, background screeners and insurers partner with SambaSafety for their MVR needs. Discover what sets our MVRs apart:

  • Simplified Records: we standardize violation codes across all 50 states to offer the most intuitive MVR on the market
  • Secure Orders: we offer direct integrations with each state’s DMV, helping protect personal identifiable information (PII)
  • Instant Returns: gain instant access to MVRs to expedite screenings and reviews
  • Unmatched Accuracy: our government relations team navigates state and federal regulations to ensure compliance
  • Cost Savings: avoid no-hit and duplicate record fees with pre-order validation technology
SambaSafety MVR Alerts

Best-In-Class MVRs for Employers and Insurers

Here’s why fleets, insurance carriers and background screeners all trust SambaSafety with their MVR needs:


MVRs delivered over 25 years


MVRs provided annually


of background screeners use SambaSafety MVRs

Man reviewing MVR reports on his computer

Additional Public Record Services

SambaSafety offers far more than MVRs for employers and carriers. We provide a wide range of government records to help verify vehicle ownership, registration status, title history, insurance history and more. Access the following government records and reports:

  • Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) Reports
  • Vehicle Records
  • SR22

Alternatives to Periodic Employee MVR Checks

Continuous MVR Monitoring

Leveraging pre-hire and annual MVR checks is a good base for keeping qualified drivers on the road, but you're likely to miss risky events until the next review. To solve this, our monitoring solution alerts you to high-risk events, violations and roadside inspections, ensuring continuous oversight of driving risks. 

MVRs versus continuous MVR monitoring

Why Customers Love Our MVR and Monitoring Services

See what some of our 15,000+ customers are saying about us

David D. Keyser

VP Safety, Loomis U.S.

“Previously, our team would manually pull, print and distribute over 5,000 MVRs twice annually – often learning of a driver’s DUI or suspended license six months to a year after the fact. Now, we pull MVRs electronically once a year and monitor our drivers via SambaSafety’s continuous monitoring solution the rest of the year. The ease of accessing, viewing and making notes to vital MVR information to ensure our drivers are legal to drive and meet our stringent MVR requirements is unmatched. Not to mention the time savings are immeasurable.”

eos trucking
Donna Dunn

Director of Safety, EOS Trucking

"[SambaSafety] revolutionized how we run MVRs, reducing the process to just two simple clicks. It gives us access to a wealth of reports and data on our drivers. The most important feature we utilize is the ability to receive notifications when a CDL becomes suspended or invalid. This has saved us on multiple occasions, where our drivers could have potentially been stopped at a scale, involved in a crash or pulled over, only to find that their license was suspended."

TB (1)
Cheryl Rizzo

Manager of HR Operations, TopBuild

“SambaSafety's continuous MVR monitoring and on-demand MVRs minimize the risk of having unsafe drivers behind the wheel. Their comprehensive services are unmatched, with exceptional customer support, user-friendly and intuitive platform, robust reporting and driver training that's easy to access on any device. SambaSafety’s solutions work seamlessly to improve our efficiencies – reducing the time, cost and risk associated with outdated processes.”

Shetikka R.

Vice President of Risk and Safety, DS Services

“More than ever before, we’re identifying drivers that have issues with their license and taking action before they get on the road. We know that these issues would have been discovered months later with our old system, but now we can take care of these issues much sooner.”