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Streamline Your Telematics Program

Accelerate your risk management strategy with real-time insights into commercial driving behaviors. Our telematics exchange normalizes data from dozens of connected devices to help you confidently scale telematics and take a more holistic approach to driver risk.

Partner With the Leading Telematics Aggregator

SambaSafety’s cloud-based telematics solution harmonizes data from a large ecosystem of providers, turning disparate sources into actionable capabilities for risk control, data science and product teams.

Elevate Risk Control with Better Visibility

Telematics monitoring is a critical component of an effective risk control strategy. The high velocity and volume of telematics data, combined with data from MVRs and other driving sources, provides the most holistic view of driver risk. Fleets that integrate telematics into their risk management strategy achieve immediate and sustained results:

  • Improve riskiest 1% of driver scores by up to 40% in the first 3 months
  • Reduce high-risk behaviors by 26% within 6 months and 33% within 18 months
  • Experience up to a 16% reduction in crashes in the first year
SambaSafety Telematics Video
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Launch UBI With Aggregated Telematics Data

Confidently implement usage-based insurance (UBI) programs with SambaSafety's telematics exchange, accessing normalized data from your customers’ existing connected systems. Our device-agnostic approach supports you and your customers with effortless connections to a deep ecosystem of telematics devices and brands.

  • Easily access data from connected devices your customers are already using
  • Accelerate time to market from years to under 90 days
  • Increase your total serviceable market with a large network of integrated devices
  • Improve or develop models with access to highly predictive variables

Step-by-Step Telematics Playbook

Telematics is complex. We’re here to keep things simple with our automated fleet onboarding and contextualized data. Our team of experts will be here to guide you through the process from planning to implementation and program management. Download our step-by-step playbook to get started.

Telematics Playbook SambaSafety

Billions of Data Points Harmonized and Enriched

Our advanced processing features ensure all connected data meets the highest quality standards and is consistent and comparable across providers.

Billions of Data Points Harmonized and Enriched

Data Structure Optimization

Our data is meticulously structured to fit a common, extensible data model, ensuring seamless compatibility to support you into the future.

Event Harmonization

Events from diverse providers are harmonized into a unified set of activities, providing extensive insight into a customer’s risk profile.

Advanced GPS Methodology

GPS data points are rigorously cleansed and mapped to road and speed limits, ensuring the utmost precision in mileage, speed, and trip tracking.

Driver Imputation

We assign missing driver data to preserve data integrity, minimize bias and enable deeper, more accurate analysis.

SambaSafety’s Telematics Network Covers Most Connected Commercial Fleets

Telematics Solutions that Deliver Tangible Results

By integrating telematics analytics into their risk management program, our customers experience up to:


reduction in crashes


reduction in high risk behavior


reduction in manual data management

Learn Why Customers Love Our Telematics Solutions

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"SambaSafety's track record in data integration and additional safety and training capabilities was a major factor in choosing to work with them. For our larger clients, this will enable the risk and insurance team to manage sub-deductible costs and enable us to support targeted interventions based on the shared data."

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