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Data Solutions for Personal Auto Underwriters

Our extensive range of public record and private data sources provides underwriters with a flexible, cost-effective approach to pricing insurance risk and reducing premium leakage.

Unlock Profitable Growth for Personal Lines

SambaSafety’s diverse collection of insurance data services supports your unique workflows and underwriting guidelines.

Optimize MVR Costs with Driver History Data

Explore a new approach to evaluating auto risk with our spectrum of driver risk assessment solutions. Access accurate driving data, up to and including a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR), to optimize underwriting expense. With the right level of data at the right time, you can balance ROI based on the use case and policy stage.


  • Enable automated decisioning aligned to your risk appetite
  • Unlock up to 7 years of driver history data
  • Access up to 95% of the details presented on an MVR
Accelerate Applicant Qualification SambaSafety-1
SambaSafety Prevent Fraud

Reduce Underwriting Fraud and Premium Leakage

Boost underwriting profitability and protect your bottom line with our license check solutions. Uncover hidden licenses and verify drivers’ identities to improve underwriting efficiency and reduce rate evasion.


  • Efficiently fast-track clean drivers and flag fraudulent activity for further review – all before an MVR is pulled
  • Check for presence of a US license on a foreign driver to uncover hidden violations and determine eligibility for a foreign insurance policy
  • Verify applicant data against state records to increase the integrity of underwriting data and reduce unnecessary MVR costs

Improve Customer Experience from Quote to Bind

Our trusted, data-driven solutions allow you to deliver the premium digital experience your customers expect. SambaSafety’s end-to-end capabilities can be configured to fit your unique workflows and guidelines.


  • Prefill license and up to 7 years of violation history with limited input from the customer, reducing friction and form abandonment at quote
  • Confirm a driver’s earliest license history nationwide, instantly qualifying applicants who have recently moved
  • Optimize expenses with complimentary access to duplicate MVR orders for up to 90 days and shared records across related accounts
Improve Customer Experience SambaSafety

Delivering Unmatched Insurance Data Solutions to Insurers for 25+ Years

By leveraging our data-driven underwriting offerings, personal auto insurers can experience up to:


reduction in MVR fees


average savings per activity check


reduction in time spent reviewing MVRs

Explore Our Data-Driven Underwriting Capabilities

Learn how our best-in-class auto insurance capabilities redefine the way insurers identify and price driver risk.

Delivering Unmatched Insurance Data Solutions to Insurers for 25+ Years